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  • 10 Most Promising E-waste Management Service Providers-2017

    Rapidly changing technology, changes in media and planned obsolescence have culminated in burgeoning surplus of E-waste around the globe. Ranked fifth among the leading producers of E-waste, the amount of E-waste production in India is predicted to rise by as much as 500 percent in the next decade. These statistics has drawn the attention of the general populace and of the Government to the impending deterioration of environment if the trends were to continue. The unorganized sector of E-waste management does more harm than benefit as they do not employ methodical ways to dispose hazardous elements. The organized E-waste management companies are recent entrants into the landscape which have scientific methods to degrade E-waste and derive the useful elements; with the capability...

10 Most Promising E-waste Management Service Providers-2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Baobab Clean Technologies Baobab Clean Technologies Vinod Mohan Shenoy, Directors, Jeevanshu Soni, Directors E-Waste management venture that provides solutions that maximize the value recovery for clients while providing environmentally responsible processes along with managing liability of the IT assets
Deshwal Waste Management Deshwal Waste Management Raj Kumar, Managing Director, J K Kapoor, Director An e-waste management company with proven excellence in recycling a wide range of electronic appliances and accessories through legal and environment friendly methods
Extracarbon Extracarbon Gaurav Joshi, Co-Founder Providing online solutions for collection and transaction of e-waste, thereby integrating the segmented sector of e-waste management
GEMS Recycling GEMS Recycling Mannar Mannan, Managing Director Setting a benchmark in harvesting and reusing e-Waste by thoroughly following the government rules & guidelines
Hulladek Hulladek Nandan Mall, Founder A one stop solution for corporate and domestic users to recycle their E-Waste responsibly in an authorized and safe manner
I Seven Eco I Seven Eco N Anand, Managing Director A nature centric e-Waste management organisation curating effective ways to dispose e-Waste safely & efficiently
JustDispose JustDispose Kiran Panchal , Directors, Hemant Panchal, Directors Specializes in providing E-waste collection and recycling service across India to conglomerates using cutting-edge equipment
Khanija Recycling Khanija Recycling Rajesh Reddy Telur, Managing Director A formal e-Waste management organization that adopts the scientific methods of recycling and make such disposal safe and efficient
NAMO EWaste NAMO EWaste Akshay Jain, Founder A comprehensive E-waste management platform offering B2B & B2C sectors an end-to-end solution for a responsible E-waste disposal