JustDispose: Cleaning up the Nook and Cranny of India’s E-Waste

Kiran Panchal , Directors,Hemant Panchal, Directors

Kiran Panchal , Directors

Hemant Panchal, Directors

Mainstream attention being perched on the production part of technology and almost none on disposal, e-waste secretion, dumping and misuse has reached alarming proportions in India with United Nations University reporting17 lakh tonnes of e-waste being produced in 2014. This number shows no signs of dwindling in 2017 whilst the nation is victimized by illegal e-waste dumping carried out by the U.S.,Japan and the European Union. Consisting of widely used electronics which predominantly contain iron and steel, small amounts of gold and platinum, makes this a lucrative business opportunity for illegale- waste management chains which constitute to 90 percent of the industry. With no authorization, facilities to process e-waste or regard for nature, these chains are lining pockets, in the process en dangering the nature and human health directly and significantly. Stepping into this space following all regulations along with state-of-the-art e-waste management facilities is Just Dispose.

Ground Breaking Services
Catering to MNCs in the banking
and IT sector, this ISO-9001,ISO-14001 certified enterprise disposes off e-waste from all their branches around the country in the safest & thorough way possible. With more than 200 partners picking up disposable e-waste all around India, Just Dispose stands out as the only player providing ‘multi location’ service penetrating deep into the remote corners of townships &villages and in the process, employing the village populaces who pick up material locally, moon lighting as their logistics partner and this process is deemed as‘Become a Partner’.

Helping companies replace thousands of end-of-life working electronics,JustDispose pays a handsome value and purchases all their equipment, which pays off as a bonus for companies buying new machines every year

Following the guidelines and caveats set by the Pollution Control Board and MOEF to the tee, the company has managed to acquire an impressive clientele like LIC India, Aditya Birla group, HP,Lenovo, Acer India, HDFC Ltd., Kingston, Capgemini and many more who make use of JustDispose’s cutting-edge resources like Hard Disc Crushers, Portable Hard Disk breakers, USB drives & SD Card powdering machines and others to physically break, cut,Shred,powder
hardware into non-usable pieces,either at clients’site or at its own premise, as data destruction is necessary when it comes to memory devices potentially containing valuable user data to further mitigate any chance of data recovery or misuse.

Helping companies replace thousands of end-of-life working electronics, JustDispose pays a handsome value and purchases all their equipment, which pays off as a bonus for companies buying new machines every year. Going the extra mile in the WEEE initiative, the enterprise takes on the dismantling process of the electronic equipment where every individual extracted commodity goes into the manufacturing of raw materials like plastic, rubber, metal and others playing a significant part in the recycling process. With profound philanthropic motivation, JustDispose involves itself deeply in the CSR activities of its clients by running E-waste collection drives from unorganized sectors, individual societies and recycle E-waste in scientific manner at a reasonable cost.

On the Horizon
Ambitious to help the nation at large, JustDisposeplans on increasing its logistics partnership to 500 in number placing a partner in every 100 kilometers across India and is parenthetically coming up with a bigger establishment is Vapi near Gujarat which would include metal extraction, recycling of solar,LCD & LED panels and other facilities.The entire undertaking ofJustDispose shall help reduce import of gold, silver & other valuable materials saving precious foreign exchange and help contribute to go green.