SATYAKAM: Employs Behavioral Tools to Proffer Genuine & Effective Team Building Programs

Jude Cardozo,CEOA study conducted by Stanford University revealed that about 15 percent of individual’s success in leading organizations comes from technical skills and knowledge, while 85 percent comes from the ability to connect with people and engender trust and mutual understanding. Today, Outbound & Experiential Training is consider as a powerful platform for simulated activities to understand self & limitation and enhance our ability to work together as a team. SATYAKAM was founded in 2004 by Jude Cardozo(CEO), a former Ranji Trophy Cricketer. SATYAKAM works exclusively in the area of team building and corporate outbound training programs that aim to strengthen interpersonal relationships within the team and get the creative juices flowing. Unlike others, the firm follows a holistic approach and utilizes three cutting edge behavioral tools: Prism Brain Mapping, Johari Window and Angels Advocate, to offer genuine team building program.

SATYAKAM’s entire team building modules are conducted only after completion of behavioral brain mapping (online neuroscience-based behavior mapping instrument) by its delegates. This mapping not only emphasizes on the
individual understanding of their own behavior and its impacts on others, but also analyzes a person’s emotional intelligence preferences and delivers a summary of their big five personality traits, which further lead to a comprehensive understanding of the team’s behavior. SATYAKAM’s Association with Mr. Hemang Laheru, Mr. Ajit Patel & Center for Applied Neurosciences, Kent, UK has helped it utilize PRISM Brain Mapping promptly and establish its name across India.

All safety and technical equipment used in every SATYAKAM outdoor program are tested and certified to encounter stringent safety standards

The module assesses every team member’s preferences and foresee how they can work together to achieve organizational goals.“During the debrief session we go back to the workplace, open the hidden windows as well as blind spots and get people to talk on a one-to-one basis. We also get them to correlate experiences at the Team building session with workplace situations.” adds Jude. These programs are based on experiential learning methodology, thus cultivate trust between team members and boost their personality awareness.

Customer Delight
Safety is of prime concern in any outdoor activity and plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of outbound training. SATYAKAM uses a focused, planned, safe and structured
approach to design all its outbound learning activities. These activities are managed through standard operating procedures that maintain the quality of the program with consistency & safety, thereby ensuring every program conducted at the team level meets client’s expectation. All safety and technical equipment used in every SATYAKAM outdoor program are tested and certified to encounter stringent safety standards.

As a team, SATYAKAM gets excited to add new products & exercises on a regular basis and aids clients to choose and experience outdoor events that are right for their needs. "70 percent of our activities are invented, created and conceptualized by us," remarks Jude. Over the years, SATYAKAM has built a prestigious customer ecosystem, comprised of companies like Megger, Leela Goa, Accenture, BNP Paribas, Tyresoles, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC and many more.

There is a strong focus on customer delight and regular on-the-job training enables team-SATYAKAM to maintain the same and stay the course. The founder shares his whole experience with existing & new employees via SOP manual and exposes new joinees to one-month induction and four months hands-on training programs. Today, SATYAKAM is in pursuit of acquiring its own Team building site and Experiential Learning Centre in Goa.