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  • 10 Most Promising Corporate Outbound Training Companies - 2018

    Two plus two equals four is better explained to kids by having them keep a count of the toys in their possession. And that explains how experiential learning does the wonder through a series of experimenting, experiencing, reflecting, and conceptualizing. To the wonderment of all, the method of experiential learning is not meant alone for the tots but adults as well, evolving as a superlative method of training in corporates going by the term Corporate Outbound Training. Taking the training methods out of the mundane four walls of the office into the unsimulated and unconditioned world outside not only gives employees that much-needed refurbishment but also proffers them the onus of facing multifaceted real-life challenges in a fascinating fashion. Outbound Training gyrates around...

10 Most Promising Corporate Outbound Training Companies - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Bija Training Bija Training Prakash Sharma, Founder One of the fastest growing training organization, Bija shares, improves, and develops skills and knowledge required in today's corporate world to shape better, well organized, and respected human beings
CHE Adventure Park CHE Adventure Park Yasith Gunawardena, Founder An outbound corporate training organization relying on experiential learning methodology for high impact learning outcomes
Cluster Out Cluster Out Sunny R Kukreja, Founder & CEO One-of-its-kind outbound training provider offering customized team building packages for corporate houses to improve teamwork and communication skills within its workforce via recreational activities and weekend getaways
Drum Cafe Drum Cafe Aliya Hasal, CEO An exceptional corporate training provider escalating togetherness, creativity, leadership and improved group dynamics through drumming/ boom whacking sessions
Holiday Adventures Holiday Adventures Navin Bajaj, Founder A leading provider for corporate outbound development programs and reality learning
Pegasus Academy & Consulting Pegasus Academy & Consulting Capt. S Ravi, MD, An experiential learning hub, the academy meets the training needs of corporate to bring out their full potential
Quest Outbound Quest Outbound Viveck Varma, Founder The company concocts hands on learning programs to engage its clients in all three vectors of physical, psychological and emotional development, thereby, facilitating core growth & learning that does not wear away with time.
SATYAKAM SATYAKAM Jude Cardozo, CEO Works exclusively in the area of team building and corporate outbound training programs
Yelohat Yelohat Anuradha Prusty, Founder & Director Vesting its prime focus on absorbing clear and pertinent concepts rather than ideas, Yelohat renders effective team building and training solutions bedecked with values and benefits for individuals to explore and unleash their potential.