Take a Break Consulting: Reinventing the Best Version of Resources through Innovative Team Building

Abhimanyu Khanna,COOHaving a modern Silicon Valley culture is no longer an option for companies; people today consider it as much as they consider salary and benefits. However, carving out the best version of resources takes going an extra mile and improving employees’ job satisfaction, happiness, engagement and work performance. Run-of-the-mill in-house engagement programs often fail to serve this need of the hour, which in turn probes into the dedicated and futuristic employee training & engagement programs that bank on cutting-edge technologies and out-of-the-box training methodologies. Bestowing people with this most needed 'break' from the routine milieu is Take a Break Consulting(TAB)an organization reinventing the best version of resources by conducting various Employee Engagement Activities & Training Programs.

Bringing out the Best Version
Imagine being taken out from your usual workplace setting to a whole new world of gaming challenges, which in turn help you develop as an individual and a professional. Projected towards deriving the best performance of employees and developing organizational progress through experiential learning, TAB came into existence in 2008, and today it has grown as one of the leading companies in India managing end-to-end corporate requirements for clients. Rebelling the general approach, TAB specifically works on the areas which need development and accordingly conducts outbound training and team building activities for improved collaboration and teamwork. The company has designed a range of Game Shows that contain the best of team building activities, which focus on skills required at workplace such as Team Work, Positive Approach, One Team One Vision, Situational Leadership, Time Management, Effective Utilization of Resources, Decision Making, Effective Communication, Strategy Planning, and much more. It’s not only that these skills play such an important role in the workplaces, but also makes a positive impact in employees’ day to day life.

Activities are in fact customized as per the client’s requirement for an effective impact; as its customers call it the TAB Innovation Effect(TI-effect),which encompasses knowledge,intrinsic research and methodologies, thereby giving TAB a unique distinction of an end-to-end employee engagement solution provider. Having tie ups across the country, the leadership team travels to each and every Program across the Globe to ensure the quality standard is as per the TI Effect.

"It is extremely important to love and respect what you do and that’s precisely what we do – we love conducting team building programs. Each program enlightens us with the same spark and joy that existed when we initially started almost 10 years ago," asserts Abhimanyu Khanna, COO, Take a Break Consulting. Being able to stream the same energy, dedication and passion while delivering services to its clients has been a game changer for both the company and its clients. The feedback from it’s esteemed clients often indicate that the sessions, which indulged employees in various Team Building Programs have been both motivating and enjoyable with proper guidelines on how to apply the learning back at workplace.

Training is not Just Training
TAB has no secret recipe, but comprehends the clients'requirements in its intense, and pursuits an extra mile to ensure that the concept is successfully conveyed to its workforce who implement the strategies by leveraging latest technology trends according to the need of the hour. Indeed, there are various analytics which are studied over different discussions and meetings with
the clients to develop activities for them, while the engagement carries on with follow ups after team building sessions to monitor the progress of employees, understand the effectiveness of its activities, and develop them if required. "It's our constant endeavor to take feedback from clients and learn better, while there are also constant checks within our own team to ensure we are all on the same page," adjoins Priyanka Juneja, Director, TAB Consulting.

Rebelling the general approach, TAB specifically works on the areas which need development and accordingly conducts outbound training and team building activities for improved collaboration and teamwork

Besides Team Building (including outbound training) and Employee Engagement Programs, TAB over the years has emerged as a one-shop-stop for corporate requirements with a deep experience garnered through conducting over 1500 Team Building Programs, while maintaining the quality criteria intact. Fathoming the enormous possibilities of events, TAB ascertains the smooth conduct by employing a dedicated in-house team that devises and executes strategies. This enormous capability and wide service coverage have however played a pivotal role in TAB building a prestigious customer ecosystem.

Priyanka Juneja, Director
The Art of Preserving
Thus far engaging 179,000 participants across multifarious industries like Research and Analytics, Banking and Finance, BPOs / KPOs, Real Estate & Builders, Consulting & Research, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, IT & Software Solutions and more, TAB today is on a constant run to discover new ways to engage and entertain. “Thinking out of the box has become our habit and we describe ourselves as trendsetter and go getters with an ardent urge to innovate” adds Priyanka. “In our quest for perfection, we are constantly brainstorming and crafting new ideas that can help us serve our customers infinitely better,” says Abhimanyu who through TAB caters to a prestigious customer ecosystem with over 160 clients across the country. “The best part is that we never had a marketing team! When your work speaks for you, success follows,” adds Abhimanyu.

Being a new generation training firm, it’s much easier for TAB to stay abreast of the technology trends by exposing its strong workforce to a strategic training process. On the other hand, it also follows a ‘be at home’ culture at work place, assembled with quirky ambience and recreational elements a fun zone in the office, a bar for after work fun and an open office space, where the employees are free to innovate & unwind. while maintaining the professionalism and their respect for work. The basic mantra of taking care of its employees does the trick as the company soulfully believes in Richard Branson's words that 'Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers.’Abhimanyu concludes.

Key Management:
Priyanka Juneja, Director
An Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad alumnus, Priyanka is an MBA graduate who has always believed in following her dreams and turning them into reality. She has been a key pillar to TAB and ensures the Company reaches new heights with each new day. She’s energetic, cheerful, positive and persistent and forwards her qualities to her team. A specialist in conducting Empoyee Engagement Programs, she ensures the clients look forward to pleasant surprises every time.
Abhimanyu Khanna, COO
A business graduate, Abhimanyu is passionate for excellence and about everything he does which makes him different from the rest. His ambition, hard work, dedication towards work and his endearment towards his team is the key to his success. His experience of building and leading teams enables him to bring simple yet powerful leadership, management and team building lessons to the programs he conducts. His excellent eye for detail and spark to invent every minute makes Abhimanyu dynamic.

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Clients Talk:
“We can trust TAB for all our needs. It is great how Abhimanyu and his team has always been so supportive and never said a ‘No’, be it any time of the day. It is always great to work with an agency that understands our needs and delivers exactly what we need. Thanks for making organizing events a cake walk for us”.
~Deepa Peter, Brightstar Telecommunications India

“We used the TAB Team for many years and for all our locations within India and abroad. The Great Pirate Adventure was a game we played in Delhi last year. The unanimous feedback was that this activity was very innovative and has some very good and well prepared props. It brought out different skills of the team members viz. leadership, creativity, design, presentation, testing, time-keeping, performance; all relative aspects in our industry. Most importantly, it kept the healthy competitive spirit alive until the very end with very high fun quotient.

We find the TAB Team most professional, highly energetic, very creative and innovative. That's the reason we choose to work with them exclusively, year on year across locations.”
~ Manish Goyal, Invenio Business Solutions

“I have been working with Abhimanyu and the team from TAB for the past 8 years for all our training workshops and team building activities. This arrangement has been one of near exclusivity and we have rarely engaged any other agency due to the high level of satisfaction that is delivered by the team from TAB in every single session.

I have found their team, under Abhimanyu’s leadership to be very effective, likable and versatile programme facilitators. In all their sessions, there is something new and unique that the audience would not have experienced before. They also always keep certain surprises up their sleeves that gives clients such as us the feeling of WOW!

Having said this, they really do stand true to their name and they always offer a 'break' to the programme attendees such as us, from our mundane corporate lives. Behind each activity, there is a strong message which is seamlessly (and subtly) woven into the fabric of the programme, without it being too obtrusive or in your face!”
~ Mr Nitish Chopra, JK Cement Ltd

“I have been working with TAB for a long time and have always appreciated their work. They go great lengths to plan and execute each of their events. Their passion reflects in their work and that’s what makes us reach out to TAB for our employee engagement needs for we trust the flawless delivery from the team. The programs are nothing short of spectacular, they are nicely executed and coordinated and my team looks forward to each one with the same zeal.

It’s the quality service showcased by Abhimanyu, Priyanka and their team which has built great working relation for our company with theirs. Their creative ideas amuse us and leave us wanting for more each time. Apart from their new and innovative ideas, it is the professionalism and the versatility that I admire about their team and hence highly recommend it.”
~HarpalSandhu,Mondelez International