Maintenance House: A Technology-Enabled Service Provider

Siddhant Kachroo,FounderThe housekeeping aggregators have been around for a while, but the industry has not blossomed much with time, major reasons being lack of coordination between the aggregators & the third party service providers, and lack of transparency in cost. An Infrastrcutre consultant and young project manager for public infra projects across India, Middle East & Europe, Siddhant Kachroo (Founder & CEO) founded Maintenance House in 2015. In contrast to aggregators, it acts as a single point service provider providing services like electrical, plumbing, carpentry (EPC), pest control, and car cleaning among several others, without outsourcing its workforce.

Its own specialised team trained internally and listed with the National Skills Development Council for PMKVY trainings and other domestic skill development organizations carries out the given task riding on a process driven model improving efficiency and professionalism through internal curated systems as well as company curated AMCs (Annual Maintenance Contracts) across categories, and industries. These models ensure an upfront and transparent transaction between the client and the service provider for varied services under the same roof. Additional services are
Process Management for OEMs and Corporations, Project Management Consulting, Property Management solutions, Facility Management and maintenance of a rental property (takes care of rental agreements,deposits and many more) for both customer & business ends.

Through a pay-as-you-go model, clients can request for highly specific services (customized) and pay for them as per actual usage in terms of bandwidth

An Assorted Offering
Through a pay-as-you-go-model, clients can request for highly specific services (customized) and pay for them as per actual usage in terms of bandwidth. On the other hand, segregated into three models, namely preventive maintenance plans, janitorial plans and subscription plans, AMCs are highly instrumental in offering services on a cost and time efficient basis. Its janitorial plan is akin to the conventional maid system but is more efficient, equipped and professional. Customers (B2B & B2C) can now receive a checklist based cleaning that takes care of the daily housekeeping requirements on international standards and convinence. For instance, organized hospitality companies like CoHo stays, NestAway and Placio use its house keeping services to manage their properties across locations with ease while managing several real estate projects. Its one team under one management policy negates the confusion that can
arise from deploying multiple teams for the same project and ensure streamlined operations and lower down time.

The preventive maintenance enables users to acquire preventive services followed by an audit every three months. Further divided into basic, classic and premium plans, it helps customers monetize and customise their service and pay for only those that they require. Through its renovation model clients can avail services like painting or wood work on one platform with just a click of a button and a professional is there to help customers in everything till selection of materials. “Through our model, we assist end customers to take care of their day-to-day repairs and aid organizations a quality assured, managed, process driven and risk assured model to manage their service process requirements,” states Siddhant. All these services work in coordination with its backend technology. Its analytic metric system helps analyse customer satisfaction levels, while its online dashboard acts as a management platform, assisting users access their services and track their lifecycle easily.

Furthermore, Maintenance House also helps companies with their post-sales activities and managing projects and operations. This two year old venture believes in quality (hires the best technicians post background and police verification) and also caters to NGOs at subsidized rates. Thanks to such dedication, this bootstrapped company under went a revenue turn over of almost $400,000 and is now focusing on making a more process based system that will automate the housekeeping and hyper local service provision for good.