Mr. TEMS: The Housekeeping Expert that Saves Your Time, Energy & Money

Navdeep Singh Hayer,Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

Navdeep Singh Hayer

Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

Surging along the mighty technology tides, the home services as a sector has displaced a long way forward, especially in the last couple of years, owing thanks to an entirely new generation of startups. In figures, currently the local & home services sector in India has an estimated market size of about $50 billion and is growing tremendously. Though, in virtue of startups playing merely an aggregator role and not providing services in ‘first-hand’, the service-Commerce fails to generate an impact akin to the disruptive interferences of e-Commerce and tech-Commerce. In fact, we still have no idea about the numerous people entering our houses for miscellaneous home services. Mr. TEMS – a Mohali based online home services marketplace promises security for its customers by offering all the home services first-hand without any mediator. The company which is ‘your ‘Time’, ‘Energy’& ‘Money’ Saver’ (TEMS), sends a team of three handymen who are employed after a meticulous background verification (including police verification), and capable of performing all the household services. Mr. TEMS brings in a pinnacle of professionalism not only through neat field-force uniforms, ID Cards, and high-end security measures, but also with an enhanced level of technology leverage (with mobile apps & online transactions) and high standards of sanitation & hygiene.

Commenced its operations in 2012 as a professional water tank treatment organization, the company took no time to catch eyeballs, with its seven step process which goes beyond Dewatering, High Pressure Cleaning, Sludge Removal, Vacuum cleaning and to include a couple of dedicated disinfection steps – Antibacterial Spray treatment & U.V treatment. Fast forwarding four years, with an outreach to retail, commercial & public sectors, Mr. TEMS today has won the minds of masses with services which are tailor-made for summer, monsoon and winter seasons, and a special package for NRIs with commitment to take care of the whole cleaning & repairing activities of their properties even on their behalf. The company banks on customer feedback as a measuring tool, and thus provides end-to-end process tracking & closes the deals only after convincing the clients with a ‘before-after’ photograph, which they receive through an OTP based system.

A Ride to Success

As Rome wasn’t built in a day, so wasn’t Mr. TEMS. Even though the company was officially established in 2016, the story had silently begun in 2012. Post serving a long epoch in the BFSI sector (with Standard Chartered, Bajaj Allianz and Birla Sun Life Insurance), Navdeep Singh Hayer (Co-Founder ,Chairman & CEO) quit his highly-paid job to feed his hunger to get involved in the society. He incepted Crystal Clean in 2012. In virtue of delivering a stellar performance in the middle management level, he was well acquainted with the pragmatic hassles of outreaching to different handymen for building maintenance. He thus built & trained a five people strong team in order to free people from those hassles by manifesting a one-stop-shop solution.

The task was not as easy as it sounds. Since the race was against well-rooted & conventional handymen ranging from plumbers to electricians, carpenters and many more, Navdeep was au-fait with the fact that it demands a groundbreaking service model to catch eyeballs. “The setting where
I belong, Bathinda, has seen the most dreadful water crises of Punjab. I reached out to customers with a mechanized & extremely hygienic water tank cleaning paradigm powered by German technologies, along side a strategic marketing approach to create awareness among the people. It was a humble beginning,” adds Navdeep.

Accounting to the dearth of pre-defined manuals, he confronted with struggles from day one. He reminisces,“People called us on the helpline number and we fixed rates according to their description, which were from Rs.700 to 3000.

Mr. TEMS brings in a pinnacle of professionalism not only through neat field-force uniforms, ID Cards, and high-end security measures, but also with an enhanced level of technology leverage and high standards of sanitation & hygiene

But, most of the time, the scenes were entirely from a different movie, and the work was practically double the fixed rate”. The immediate & insightful act of creating binding & condition manuals kept the things in place, and steadied the ship to sail over the retail market. The business was well on-the-go when Navdeep bagged a deal worth Rs.40,000 from a nearby school which he closed in a couple of days, and that delightful experience not only empowered him with the self-capability, but also helped to realize the power of commercial market like Hotels, Hospitals and Schools. It took no time for him to equip himself with more advanced gears and start delving deep into the wide commercial market.

“Around September 2012, I received a call from one of the biggest cantonments in Bathinda which had around 10,000 water tanks. We performed a full-fledged demonstration for them,” asserts Navdeep. The result? Mr. TEMS received its first Rs.15 lakh worth government project within months from its inception. “It was the third segment we explored in a quick succession, and thus we had a healthy turnover in the first year itself,” he adds. Navdeep never turned back in life then. In the years that followed, Crystal Clean explored many other cities in Punjab byon-boarding a franchise model.

The Franchise Model

In the year 2016, as a sound answer to the overwhelming responses and queries, Navdeep launched into the wide business spectrum of home services by rebranding Crystal Clean as Mr. TEMS, and in turn became a one-stop-shop for all the household needs. Best known among the customers as a small job specialist, the company today is present in 15 cities through its franchises. Though while looking back, the franchise model was a huge risk as the German machinery was costing around Rs.8 lakh and a whole month for service & maintenance. But Navdeep had a strategy in mind; he invested heavily in R&D and became self-sufficient, and continuously focused on cutting down the OPEX through greatly leveraging on the technology & being an ideal online marketplace, optimizing the manpower (today, three experts who work as one team handle the whole service) and sealing down the manual leakages through implementing online transactions.

Today, through stepping right foot at the right moment, Navdeep has well transformed his business model into a tailor-made & recession proof franchisee model, and also invites enthusiastic people to join the club as ‘Master Service Providers’. “Even a fresher who has Rs.4 lakh of capital can easily opt for this business opportunity by merely filling the online form,” adds
Navdeep. Mr. TEMS preserves its franchise members as pearls by facilitating everything from training (through its ‘ShubhArambh’ program) to launching requirements. “We, the perfect five ‘P’s (the five division heads who are also the stakeholder of the company) as a team, are looking forward to capture maximum government & corporate sector contracts of water tank cleaning, sell at least 1000 housekeeping packages per city, and expand to 50 more cities through our franchise model by end of this FY,” adds Navdeep.

Commitment Wins the Race

Being its heart, Mr. TEMS is highly determined in preserving its workforce, not only with a relaxed work culture, but also by occasional & mind blowing bonuses & gifts like home appliances. Besides hand-holding its workforce, the company today is also highly indulged in CSR activities through the ‘Swacch Jan Har Pal’ program which recently conducted a free water tank treatment in around 200+ schools in Shimla and Solan when the cities were hit by widespread epidemic of Jaundice. Besides being appreciated by many of the government & corporate clients like Bathinda Military Engineer Services, Mr. TEMS has also made tie-ups with a few among them, including UltraTech cement, Trident Group, Punjab University, Bestech Group, and many of the government schools &hospitals. On the flip side, the novel & innovative marketing strategies have been another significant part of the organization right since its inception. The stunning offers through apps & references are about to adjoin with a new one– distribution of brochures through retail shops (with special discounts), where they get reference code based incentives for each conversion.

A Futuristic R&D Wing

Being a predominant asset of Mr. TEMS, the R&D wing has not only rescued the company from high OPEX by innovating wireless machineries which are most suitable for the Indian conditions, but also played a pivotal role in completing a gamut of projects in North India. For instance, in the recent Shimla hill station project, Mr. TEMS invented ‘Water Coach’ – the first non-contactable digital water measuring instrument in India, which mitigated the locality’s water crisis up to a large extend. Nevertheless, more innovations like ‘Light Guard’ (a timer energy saving lighting concept) & ‘Wipers’ with lifetime guarantee are in the process. Such innovations are sure signs of a bright future of Mr. TEMS.

Key Management:

Navdeep Singh Hayer, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO
Navdeep always had a dream to do something big for his people. Eventually, he cleverly leveraged his corporate & management experience to come up with a groundbreaking service concept.

Amit Garg, Finance & Strategy Head
A Chartered Accountant by qualification, Amit has a rich experience of more than 10 years in the service industry, working with leading organizations.

Vishal Kedia, IT Head
A specialist in improvisation and changes’ adoption, Vishal is determined in providing the best user experience by considering the minutest of the changes in the technology arena.

Kamaljit Singh, Print & Media Head
An experienced professional, Kamaljit takes care of all the marketing needs.

Harmesh Lal, R& D Head
The inventor of Water Coach & Light Guard, Harmesh converts every idea into reality for the organization.

  • Water Tank Treatment
  • House Maintenance Services

  • Offices: Mohali (Headquarter), Bathinda