• Mr. TEMS: The Housekeeping Expert that Saves Your Time, Energy & Money
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    Mr. TEMS: The Housekeeping Expert that Saves Your Time, Energy & Money

    Being the operational department responsible for the clean, organized and aesthetic upkeep of rooms, houses, offices, hotels and surroundings, housekeeping has a central role in the management of a living space. The impression that a tidy and spotless environment leaves in the mind of guests, prospective tenants or employees goes a long way in creating a favorable opinion, though the scope of housekeeping is not limited to cleanliness. As busy schedules and priorities make it difficult for a significant fraction of the urban population to tend to these activities themselves, an industry which goes by the name of housekeeping services has emerged to save their day. Housekeeping service providers now offer a myriad of services such as building maintenance, event support, moves and...


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