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  • 10 Most Promising Housekeeping Service Providers

    Being the operational department responsible for the clean, organized and aesthetic upkeep of rooms, houses, offices, hotels and surroundings, housekeeping has a central role in the management of a living space. The impression that a tidy and spotless environment leaves in the mind of guests, prospective tenants or employees goes a long way in creating a favorable opinion, though the scope of housekeeping is not limited to cleanliness. As busy schedules and priorities make it difficult for a significant fraction of the urban population to tend to these activities themselves, an industry which goes by the name of housekeeping services has emerged to save their day. Housekeeping service providers now offer a myriad of services such as building maintenance, event support, moves and...

10 Most Promising Housekeeping Service Providers

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Doormint Doormint Naman Lahoty, Founder A mobile first home services company offering household services such as carpentry, plumbing, laundry, electrical work and appliance repair to the users' doorstep
Fixy Fixy Nabeel Merchant, Co-Founder A provider of portfolio of gamut of home and office maintenance services such as cleaning, carpentry, plumbing, electrical repairs, and more
Housejoy Housejoy Saran Chatterjee, CEO An online professional services platform that enables users to book professionals in the areas of cleaning, electrical installation & repair, plumbing, laundry, pest control, and others
LaundroKart LaundroKart Ravi Raghav, Co-Founder Defying the online model of business, working on the hybrid model, the company has emerged as a one-stop laundry shop for your expansive and diverse wardrobe at a highly competitive price
Maintenance House Maintenance House Siddhant Kachroo, Founder A technology driven service provider enabling users across industries to maintain, operate and improve their assets with ease. Instead of acting as traditional providers they create service process to suit end user needs
Sayfix Sayfix Nabin Roy, Founder & CEO A one-stop online servicing platform that understands the consumer requirement and offers tailor-made household and business space services
The Laundry Basket The Laundry Basket Ankit Kala & Nakul Jain, Co-Founders A one-stop laundry solution that offers a superior & hygienic wash quality through its state-of-the-art machines, and customer friendly & transparent policies
TownLabour TownLabour Vivek Kapoor, Managing Director A 360 degree platform that helps users find the daily wage labour work force for all housekeeping services alongside their relevant information
Wash Buddy Wash Buddy Hariharan Jeeva, Co-Founder A cost efficient laundry service providers with customised western Laundromat concept to cater Indian needs to ensure the utmost care of the customer’s laundry within time and budget