CHE Adventure Park: Your Mecca for an Adventure Based Corporate Experiential Training

Yasith Gunawardena, FounderAs per Gallup, scores of organizations comprise of only 13 percent of highly engaged employees in comparison to 26 percent who are actively disengaged. One the other hand, PwC estimates that the cost of losing an employee in the first year can be up to three times the person's salary. These depressing figures can be attributed to the lack of training and employee engagement programs. Clearly, there is a need for an alternative and interactive training on life as well as professional skills for today’s workforce. Addressing this issue at hand is Hanwella-based CHE Adventure Park that provides adventure based corporate training program relying on its 'Experiential Learning' methodology and experienced trainers who touch the exact chord of corporate training through their customized training & development objectives, resulting in high impact learning outcomes.

Following its core concept of 'MICE Destination’,CHE provides Meeting Facilities,Incentives & award winning resource personnel, Conferencing facilities and Event management. With an expansive experience of 18 years, the company is a proud owner of an 18 acre park bordering Kelani River and

We address 23 different training elements through our ‘Training needs Analysis’ form where we understand the team culture of that specific organization and customize our programs accordingly for a greater impact

Asmadala natural rock, providing the perfect backdrop to engage in nature based activities. The participants become here one with nature, revealing their most instinctive leadership and team building aspects. In the Eco-Challenge, the teams participate in adventure races where they combine their strengths to engage in activities like paddling, hiking, biking, orienteering, wellness and critical thinking to find clues to ascend to the next level of problem solving agendas. Such activities imbibe the participants with lessons from these everlasting experiences that can be effectively leveraged during their workplace crisis as well. Moreover, they are taught about diverse leadership styles through a variety of emotional intelligence developing and team building programs. “We address 23 different training elements through our ‘Training needs Analysis’ form where we understand the team culture of that specific organization and customize our programs accordingly for a greater impact,” states Yasith Gunawardena, Founder, CHE Adventure Park.

Innovative Training
Nestled among the scenic background of Kosgama, this adventure park bears the capacity to hold multiple
programs(Accommodation:400participants for Overnight Program and 700+ participants for One-Day Programs) without any overlapping. Adventure activities like zip lining, white water rafting, mountain climbing, hiking and many others along with travel expeditions are organized (accompanied with World-renowned imported training safety equipments) within the 35km vicinity of the country capital, Colombo,invariably indulging in experiences rather than expending time. Moreover, with accommodation comprising of Luxury Camping Tents with beds & attached washrooms, CHE team ensures the comfortable blend of natural learning and convenience. “Since we prioritize our guests’ safety above anything else, we have tied up with Wealth Medicare, Pahathgama and the nearby Kosgama Village Hospital for immediate medical assistance & ambulance,”says Yasith.

While the core service provision lies in the team’s expertise & passion for these outbound trainings,the organisation is currently working on developing software that calculates the efficiency & effectiveness of the trainings imparted & their key learning outcome. Automation is further deployed to train the employees through research & development who, in addition to being exceptionally skilled physical & mental trainers, are trained to be patient, friendly and customer centric to help to grow better. With its love for outdoors and helping people grow, CHE is today helping companies like Coca Cola, HSBC, China Harbor Engineering Corporation and many others garner a strong workforce.