Centre For Ground Water Recharge: Protecting and Conserving Groundwater through Water Harvesting

K. Panigrahi,Director & CEO

K. Panigrahi

Director & CEO

It is well known that rainwater harvesting is a technique for collecting and storing rainwater for later use. Rainwater is collected and stored in natural reservoirs or tanks before being channeled into a well or borehole. This water is used for a variety of things, including gardening and irrigation. It is utilized in households as high-quality drinking water after proper water treatment. It not only reduces flooding and soil erosion in cities, but it also ensures water availability in water-scarce areas.

Established in 2007, Centre For Ground Water Recharge is a service provider of water testing engaged in offering a wide range of water recharge management and water treatment. The company provides wastewater treatment plants with rainwater harvesting systems approved by NABL. These services are designed as per the set industry standards and norms using high-grade machines and tools. The clients widely demand these services due to their features such as energy efficiency, high performance, long working life, and environmental friendliness.

"We are a reputed organization involved in the business of water systems viz. rainwater harvesting, water quality analysis, water and wastewater treatment for domestic and industrial sectors. We have been working in above areas for the past 12 years, and have successfully implemented at multiple locations. Our focus has been on establishing long-term relationships with clients.
And, we understand that the only way to do this is through reliable, consistent and high-quality deliveries.", explained K. Panigrahi, Director & CEO, Centre For Ground Water Recharge.

Various Services for Rainwater Harvesting
Groundwater is vital to life, whether it is the source of your drinking water or the water used to grow the food on your table. Everyone benefits from a sustainable supply of clean groundwater. CGWR has designed various methods to improve water resources by increasing the water table using rainwater harvesting. The services include a proper assessment of groundwater potentials, i.e., groundwater prospecting, the study of bore wells, wells, etc., rooftop rainwater harvesting, surface runoff rainwater harvesting, and watershed management.

CGWR has designed various methods to improve water resources by increasing the water table using rainwater harvesting

Apart from this, CGWR provides water and energy conservation & AMC services. These services include eco-friendly development, facility management, and renewable energy utilization. This is because their technical team consists of experts from various disciplines like geology, hydrogeology, remote sensing, groundwater modeling, etc., who can undertake a technical feasibility study on rainwater harvesting systems and techniques. They implement the recommendation to find a lasting solution for the existing problems of water scarcity for drinking and irrigation.

"We, CGWR serve our clients having a team of highly skilled resource professionals with hands-on experience in managing world-class projects. We provide the best to our clients by adopting a dynamic approach to challenges faced by clients in their quest with cutting-edge technology. Our diverse knowledge base and past experience enable us to provide innovative solutions of risk mitigation through an integrated multi-skilled approach", added K. Panigrahi.

CGWR is a Hydrostatic Water Consultants (HWC), an LLP consulting firm, working in the field of environment protection and natural resources conservation. The company has expertise in rain water harvesting systems, hydro-geological survey, and bore well management as a part of the total RWH solution provider. The company has implemented more than 1000 rainwater harvesting structures in the Chhattisgarh and Odisha states in the public & private sectors. This has improved the groundwater levels in many premises largely, many individuals, government, and private organizations for solving their water deficiency in effective ways.