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  • 10 Most Promising Rainwater Harvesting Service Providers - 2022

    Rainwater harvesting, a not-so-complex method, helps in collecting rainfall for future usage. The rainwater collected is then stored and utilized in a variety of ways, directly or indirectly, to help in recharging purposes. With the depletion of groundwater levels and fluctuating climatic conditions, rainwater harvesting is helping in a long course of business plans. Capturing rain-water helps in recharging local aquifers, reduction of urban flooding, and utmost important factor in ensuring water avail-ability in water-scarce zones. In the recent past few years, the term rainwater harvesting has picked up pace from ancient rainwater harvesting methods including madakas, ahar pynes, surangas, taankas, and many more. The water conservation method can be easily practiced in...

10 Most Promising Rainwater Harvesting Service Providers - 2022


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Watermark Sustainability Foundation Watermark Sustainability Foundation Sanman Kulkarni, Asshwin Mundhaay & Vrushal Gurav,Directors Offers sustainable RWH conservation systems of Environmental Audit, SPCB support for Consent Management, SPCB Closure & Violation Compliance, Environmental Clearance Services, Environment Management Plan, Social Impact Assessment and more
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Centre For Ground Water Recharge Centre For Ground Water Recharge K. Panigrahi, Director & CEO Renowned for offering services of Hydrogeology, Giotechnical Investigation, Rain Water Harvesting, LAB Service and Mining
D&D Ecotech D&D Ecotech Suresh Damwani, Founder An excellent provider of excellent services of RWH Project Consultancy, RWH Project Implementation, Jal Rakshak Recharge System and CGWA Compliance
Enviraj Consulting Enviraj Consulting Rajdeep Pandey, CEO A provider of impeccable services in Rooftop RWH for storage, Rooftop RWH for Storage + Groundwater Recharging, Rooftop RWH for Groundwater Recharging and Ground RWH for Groundwater Recharging
Gujarat Wedge Wire Screens Gujarat Wedge Wire Screens Madhuram Satish Rathi, Director Provider of V Wire Screen Pipe, Cylindrical Screen, Curved Sieve Bend, Rotary Screen, Run Down Screen, Centrifuge Basket and more
National Enviro Engineering National Enviro Engineering R C Sharma, Founder A manufacturer of a plethora of Digital Water Flow Meter, Weather Station, Digital Water Level Recorder, Casagrande Standpipe and more for Rainwater Harvesting and related services
Raino Raino Yogesh Jadhav, Founder With over two-decades of experience in helping clients for Rainwater Harvesting System products in India
SRK Metals And Plastic SRK Metals And Plastic Rohan Agrawal, Director An effective service provider of Rainwater Harvesting, Wastewater Treatment, Wastewater Treatment Plant, uPVC Pipes and Razor Wire
Synergy Automatics Synergy Automatics J Prathapan, CEO Recognized for offering exclusive services for Misting System, Water Saving Products, Rain Water Harvesting System, Water Saving Nozzles, Water Saving Aerator and Sensor Taps
Vasudha Aqua Vasudha Aqua Srinivas Krishnaswamy, CEO A topnotch provider of Grey Water Systems and Rainwater Harvesting Systems