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  • 10 Most Promising Property Valuation Companies - 2018

    While all of us are aware of the importance of property investment, many fail to understand the importance of an in-depth research required to gain a complete knowledge of the fixed as well as movable asset. This knowledge helps property owner, co-owner or financial establishments working on mortgages gain a 360 degree access to the ins and outs of the property and empowers them to co-relate it with the current market scenario, assisting them in making sound financial decisions.  Property valuation experts have been helping the Indian masses resolve their property issues for many years, arming them with the litigating knowledge and basic criteria of the transaction under the Indian jurisdiction, helping them reap maximum benefits while abiding by the law as well. Addressing...

10 Most Promising Property Valuation Companies - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Agriculture Properties Rajasthan Agriculture Properties Rajasthan Pawan Meena, Owner Providing affordable residential and commercial properties with precise real estate consultancy, architectural services, and property valuationservices
Axium Consulting Group Axium Consulting Group Harihar S., Director Leveraging experience, industrial expertise and data driven methodology to offer accurate valuation for the clients’ assets
Joshi Consultants Joshi Consultants Shrikant V Joshi, Proprietor Offering services based on accurately researched facts aiding strategy making process for clients' business and maintaining reliability in every aspect, through utmost transparency
M.C Choudhary  Acssociates M.C Choudhary Acssociates Mohinder Choudhary, Owner Service provider of consultancy and technical report for future development work of a project. This service includes viability reports, minutes & presentations and financial report
Neelam Arch Neelam Arch Satej K.Dharia, MD, ManishaS. Dharia & Abhijit V Kelkar, Directors Flaunting its qualitative and quantitative acumen, the company delivers top-tier technology-based services in estimating the value of a property
Paramjeet Associates Paramjeet Associates Paramjeet Singh, Founder Offering accurate valution services, leveraging its more than three decades experience in evaluation of fixed and immovable assets including land, building, plant and machinery for corporate customers
Rohit Sharma & Associates Rohit Sharma & Associates Rohit Sharma, Founder A property valuation firm, offering valuation services as per international practices of valuation without compromising professional standards.
S.D.Deshpande S.D.Deshpande Sanjay Deshpande,, Owner A Professional & Independent Chartered Engineer, Govt. registered valuer enriched with more than 30 years of experience in the field of engineering industry
Spartan Associates Spartan Associates Narayana Iyengar, Founder Offering true services and delivers high quality valuation product, facilitating effective quality control, streamlined client communication, and on-time delivery to the client
VGK Trueman Consultancy VGK Trueman Consultancy Girish B Pawar, Founder&Chairman Description A super-specialist with strict professional ethics & extensive experience in almost all categories of property valuation