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  • 10 Most Promising Background Verification Companies - 2018

    Though the digital and technical revolution is making waves in almost every industry or sector, one should not negate the importance of the human workforce, the brain behind this technology, enabling a more streamlined operation. Since the human mind is the master of this creation, it is imperative that he/she should be a reliable asset, not only professionally but by virtue as well. Background Verification companies play a pivotal role in helping corporate organisations look before they leap. By accumulating all the necessary data and relevant professional experience of the person in focus, in detail, these organisations help clients weed out the unnecessary and focus on hiring the right candidate, with a clear background for a profitable endeavour. These organisations have a...

10 Most Promising Background Verification Companies - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
CFirst Corp CFirst Corp Viral Vora, Founder Providing cost-effective and customized background check solutions through an industry leading, easy-to-use web-based system
Corporate Investigation India Corporate Investigation India Colonel Ajit Nagrani(Retd), Founder & Chairman Offering pre-employment verification movement, foreseeing the pressing need to screen potential employees at all levels of the staff and management to weed out undesirables
Fourth Force Fourth Force Jayaprakash, Founder & Director Offering hiring related verifications to ensure that the candidates hired meet client expectations and are value-adds to the company
IBC IBC Kamesh Kiran, Director Providing a comprehensive employee background screening services on a nationwide and global scale necessary for today’s business environment
 Icrederity Icrederity Rakesh Antala, Co-Founder & CTO Setting a standard platform for background verification, based on authentic credential analysis which is universally accessible and supported by a strong network
ICheck Services ICheck Services Santosh Pandey, Founder Possessing an insightful industry experience in the realm of pre/post employment background screening, serving several national and multi-national organizations
JustVerified JustVerified K Sanjeeb Patra, Founder & CEO India’s pioneer mobile background verification application rendering convenient means of authentication and reliability to the customers
Secure Credentials Secure Credentials Rahul Belwalkar, MD A background check company with a global footprint welding innovation with technology and streamline the background screening process
Verifacts Verifacts Col (Retd). Swapan Bhadra, CEO Helping leading corporates reduce the risk of hiring employees with dubious background by providing employee background reports as a means of authenticating an individual’s identity