Yelohat: Transforming Passion for Team Building & Enriching Ethics into Tailor-made Solutions

Anuradha Prusty,Founder & Director

Anuradha Prusty

Founder & Director

The most prevalent deficiency in majority of the companies is an effective and continuous process of thinking and learning which helps people in being more productive, focused and mindfully involved. Casting light on the Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats system explains that an effective parallel thinking process in a team can lead to high productive collaboration and minimal counterproductive interaction. On the other hand, Kolb’s experiential learning theory considers learning as a process of acquisition of abstract concepts via experiences and application of them in a gamut of situations. Vesting its prime focus on absorbing clear and pertinent concepts rather than ideas, Yelohat transforms the intricacies of aforementioned concepts into effective team building and training solutions bedecked with values and benefits for each member in a team to explore and unleash their potential.

While 'team building' is often conducted in a transactional mode and misinterpreted as a fun event among other companies, Yelohat leverages an engagement methodology for active and simultaneous participation of each member in the team and a crisp and impactful debrief to extract their valuable perspectives. “Ingrained with a tremendous passion for team building and escalating the ethics of employees, we produce solutions in congruence with the industry-specific needs, subtleties of function, team composition, workplace challenges and budget of our customers for them to make a difference in the market,” elucidates Anuradha Prusty, Founder & Director, Yelohat.

Invigorating Activities
Yelohat’s team building event kick-starts with Energizers which are short warm up activities like Ice-Breakers that infuses competitive spirit into each person and also boosts up their energy levels before embarking on to the main activity. As employees spend most of their work time inside a cubicle space
indoors, the firm’s Outdoor team building activities organized either on lawns, roof-top, open grounds or a resort induce a great deal of refreshment and positive energy in them. Further more, in situations unsuitable for outdoor activities, the firm conducts various indoor activities that combine a perfect balance of intelligent mental & physical challenges. In a nutshell, Yelohat transforms the varied inspirations procured from art, cooking, adventure, music, engineering, sports, culture, construction and other areas into solutions for pertinent workplace issues like building synergy, constructive feedback, team bonding, innovation, motivation, high precision, problem solving, decision making and a lot more.

Yelohat leverages an engagement methodology for active and simultaneous participation of each member in the team and a crisp and impactful debrief to extract their valuable perspectives

Training & Consulting
Yelohat also extends its arm to cater to the ‘Behavioural Training’ needs of corporate clients through its Transition programs for first time managers and emerging leaders; Effectiveness programs for managerial and personal effectiveness; Corporate etiquette; Employee induction; Emotional intelligence; etc, many of which include extended DISC profiling, and are customised for junior, mid level & senior level management segments. Its ‘Facilitative Training Methodology’ based training workshops include group exercises, business simulations, case studies, role plays, interactive discussions & concrete action plan; and assimilate the existing collective wisdom of the participants while imparting the essential skills and knowledge to achieve improved performance. The firm is also engaged in consulting, which encompasses competency mapping and PMS to further augment its training interventions.

As any activity embedded with a twist of the latest technologies and softwares can bring in the utmost perfection, Yelohat leverages the requisite apps and softwares for each activity; for instance, apps to identify targets and guide for treasure/city wide hunt, music software for musical activities, movie-making
software for movie based activities and many more. By analyzing organizational changes and role-specific skill needs on a quarterly basis, the firm ensures to have a clear insight on the future challenges and develop a proactive approach in delivering services as an efficient team.

Multicultural Challenges
When Mphasis' two day team building program involved participants from different geographical locations from across India and the USA, Yelohat's team deftly managed to overcome the challenges in communication and collaboration of diversified cultures by devising a facilitative experiential learning program. This in turn has transformed Mphasis’ team into a collaborative space infused with enriched trust, transparent communication, extensive planning, exploration of creativity, devising workable solutions, evaluation of ideas and harmonization of team efforts to achieve targeted outcomes.

While paying heed to each person’s ideas, Yelohat also fosters seamless learning, multiskilling, creativity and taking initiatives among its team of 23 to enhance their ideology and thinking capabilities. No wonder, besides savouring 80 percent client retention rates, the firm has witnessed 25 percent revenue growth till date for the FY 2017-18 and envisages 30-35 percent growth for the upcoming FY. Focusing on continuous innovations to stay ahead of the proliferating competition, Mumbai-based Yelohat (with support teams at Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Goa, Jaipur, Udaipur & Kolkata) has plunged into developing four new team building activities for FY 2018.

Key Management:
Anuradha Prusty,Founder&Director
NLP Master Practitioner, Team building facilitator and Outbound experiential learning enthusiast with a remarkable 14-year diverse industry experience, Anuradha is committed to talent development with a demonstrated ability to act as a growth catalyst for organisations. She designs & implements measurable learning approaches that enhances the organisation’s ability to create value for stakeholders.

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