Wash Buddy: Providing Timely & Cost-friendly Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Shoes & Bags Cleaning Services

Hariharan Jeeva,Co-Founder

Hariharan Jeeva


Though Surf Excel’s ‘Daag Achche Hain’ (Stains are good) is a very well-known punch line, but the conventional household is less likely to agree with it. The unorganised laundry sector is either time consuming or expensive if outsourced, especially for a middle class person. Hariharan Jeeva and Visalakshi Natraj (Co-Founders) incepted Wash Buddy as a laundry service venture in 2014 and now commands a presence all over Bangalore with 13 franchises, all equipped with latest technology and latest trends of the laundry market. It places itself in between the aforementioned challenges and provides end-to-end laundry solutions ranging from garments pick up, washing, ironing, dry cleaning to shoes & bags cleaning.

One of the biggest chains of Laundromats in the city, Wash Buddy is the Uber of the laundry world. The user can simply place an order through Wash Buddy app or a phone call or through the website or even walk in the store to have a first-hand experience. Once the booking is done, the
customer receives a SMS as well as an email with order details. The Wash buddy executive then picks up the order at the specified time, count the number of clothes and the billing is done on the in-house app. The garments are washed separately in the state-of-the-art machines only with environmental friendly washing agents. In case of unfavourable scenarios like colour bleeding or a garment loss, Wash Buddy, instead of turning around,owns up to the mistake and ensures that the client is duly compensated for the regrettable loss.

One of the biggest chains of Laundromats in the city, Wash Buddy is the Uber of the laundry world

This speaks volume for this bootstrapped organization that lacks the safety net of surplus funds in its account. The clothes are later dried and ironed and delivered back to the user within the specified time.

Along side, the company also offers dry cleaning services and mending work of garments if required. Its fresh thinking ability is however not limited to fabric.

Wash Buddy also offers shoes and bags cleaning services as it very well understands that finding a cobbler to do it within a city’s stretch is next to impossible many a times. Its shoes experts will
examine the customers’ shoes & bags and will advise on the course of action to make them look like new. It could be a simple repair work or a simple replacement work or even a complicated intervention. Irrespective of the kind of repair the accessories need, wash buddy will get them back to perfect condition. In special cases, clients with urgent requirements are catered to with lightning fast efficiency (in laundry and dry cleaning as well) and receive their garments (or shoes and bags) well within six hours.

Innovation is the Key

“We understand that automation is the key to progress today,” states the duo. As a result, Wash Buddy’s research team created a machine compliant device that allow the washing machine to run only if the order is created in the billing software. This enables the franchisees have control over the store activities. In addition to automation, the organization lays heavy emphasis on training its employees and also hires differently abled workforce to give them a chance for a proper vocation. With an aim to spread the culture of automated laundry, Wash Buddy is now in talks with institutes that can provide relevant training to the upcoming talent. “We are thinking of automating the weighing and counting work where we will have sensor integrated counters that will help reduce human intervention and we invite various franchises to participate in this growing initiative,” concludes the duo.