Walpar Healthcare: Comprehensive Nutraceutical Solutions Rendered with Quality, Care & Consistency

Kalpesh Ladhawala,OwnerInnovation flourishes everyday with Walpar Healthcare! An Ahmedabad-based contract research & manufacturing firm, Walpar is the provider of high quality nutraceuticals, herbal, and Ayurvedic formulations. In fact, there has not been a single month wherein it has not come-forth with novel products. Manufacturer of fruitful formulations, it proffers products that act on potential areas of the body such as buccal cavity, sublingual cavity, small intestine and large intestine.

Innovative products with proven efficacy has always been Walpar’s USP. Its comprehensive product portfolio includes solid and liquid oral formulations such as tablets, capsules, protein powders, sachets containing powders & pellets, syrups, suspensions, emulsions, oral sprays, oral shots and concentrated liquids. Containing essential ingredients such as vitamins & minerals, these oral formulations get absorbed on administration in oral cavity. Besides adhering to all safety & quality guidelines set-forth by respective regulatory authorities such as FSSAI, FCDA, GMP, it also holds WHO-GMP, HALAL, HACCP, and KOSHER certifications from QCAS which is accredited by GAAFS.

Moreover, it follows ICH guidelines to ensure the safety, efficacy and quality of the products. Consequently, Walpar claims an 18 months shelf life for its nutraceuticals and 36 months for its Ayurvedic products.
Having self-owned units for R&D, manufacturing, raw materials trading, and testing sets the firm apart from its competitors. Additionally, Walpar has its own online marketing and IT firms, as well as an e-Commerce platform that helps it in cost cutting by eliminating the requisite to seek third party services except external audits. The fact that separate directors handle different departments further reassures efficient handling for each department. Furthermore, having a tactical & technical taskforce that includes three doctorates, five M.Pharmas and several B.Pharmas itself is an achievement for a nutraceutical firm. Thus, with a backbone of highly qualified and experienced technocrats & business professionals, the firm is constantly able to deliver the highest industry standards for health.

Having self-owned units for R&D, manufacturing, raw materials trading, and testing sets Walpar apart from its competitors

Delivering Coherent Quality without Compromise
Speaking of its manufacturing capacity, Walpar is capable of producing 350,000 tablets, 100,000 capsules, 15,000 syrups, 5,000 protein powders, and 25,000 units of sachets per day while operating at just 70 percent efficiency. Following quality by design concept, the firm implements in-process quality control checks at every stage of manufacturing to ensure the quality for all of the formulations.

While solid orals undergo tests such as uniformity of blend, angle of repose, sieve analysis, compressibility index, hardness, friability, disintegration, assay, metal impurities, dissolution, photo-stability and stability testing, tests like solubility analysis, particle size distribution, colour index, viscosity, assay, metal impurities, photo stability, and stability testing are performed on liquid orals. Apart from these, physicochemical & microbiological testing is also performed to generate certificate of analysis of the finished products.

With an annual growth of 65-70 percent, the firm targets to reach Rs.30 crore mark this year. Planning to make its manufacturing unit 100 percent operational and tie-ups with logistics partners for seamless offshore deliveries, Walpar aims at achieving Rs.60 crore in revenue in the next two to three years, and also set-up a new manufacturing plant in compliance with toughest regulatory authorities. Venturing a step further, it is hopeful to launch its small scale IPO to cater to the world for wellness.