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  • 10 Most Promising Food Supplement Manufacturers & Providers – 2020

    Lack of proper food standardisation has been a significant challenge in the high-tech & busy lifestyle these days, and has resulted in the growth of countless lifestyle diseases and deficiencies in our body such as diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, cardiovascular problems, and others. Albeit the growing awareness about health issues, consumers have also become aware of the nutritional requirements. But not being able to suffice their nutritional requirements through their regular diets, they are now recognizing the importance of food & dietary supplements to fulfill their nutritional gap. The supplements come in a variety of forms, including tablets, capsules, gummies, powders, as well as drinks & energy bars, and contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibre, amino...

10 Most Promising Food Supplement Manufacturers & Providers – 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Acuraglobe Acuraglobe Vandana Rai , Managing Director Dr. S.K.Rai, Director A one-stop-solution for all nutrition related products that are manufactured by ISO & GMP certified nutraceuticals manufacturers, the company has memberships of various import-export organisations and chamber of commerce.
Algabrew Algabrew Mithun Raja S,, Founder & Managing Partner An ISO certified manufacturer of organic Spirulina based nutraceuticals, compliant with FSSC, GMP, HACCP, and EU organic standards that delivers top-notch quality products at competitive prices.
Dixon HEALTHCARE Dixon HEALTHCARE Dhanashri Kolge , Managing Director Offering a wide range of food supplements mainly in the areas of Pediatric Nutrition, Geriatric Nutrition, Sports Nutritiomn, Pregnancy Lactation, Critical Care Nutrition, and Weight Loss/Management.
Hercules Health Cares Hercules Health Cares Dollar Chaudhary, CEO Specialized in offering a wide portfolio of food supplements that include Protein Health Supplements, Weight Management Products, Pre-workout Essentials, Workout Essentials and Ayurvedic Products
Influx Healthcare Influx Healthcare Dr. Munir Chandniwala, Founder & Director Boasting of a large portfolio of food supplement products such as Dietary/Nutritional Supplements, Gym & Sports Supplemets, Drug Formulations, and many others
Nutramarc Sports Nutrition Nutramarc Sports Nutrition By Vijay Kumar Dhawan, Founder A GMP & WHO-GMP certified nutraceutical company that leverages an amalgam of traditional knowledge & modern science to come up with affordable & effective healthcare products
Nutrova Nutrova Akshay Pai, Founder & CEO A nutraceutical company providing high-grade nutritional supplements designed according to Indian environment to provide sure results in improving the skin health
Power Gummies Power Gummies Divij Bajaj, Founder & CEO Supplying tasty gummies to complement the daily essential vitamin & mineral needs for healthy hair growth
Walpar Healthcare Walpar Healthcare Kalpesh Ladhawala, Owner Manufacturer of class leading innovative & effective nutraceuticals, herbal, and Ayurvedic formulations leveraging its unique taskforce & capabilities like R&D, manufacturing, raw material trading and QC