Scintillation: Empowering Clients to Extract Maximum Benefits from their IP

Bikramjit Singh,Managimg Director

Bikramjit Singh

Managimg Director

While big companies are in dire need of the best products in market to retain their clientele, small players with creative ideas (which are more likely to be converted into profitable endeavours) are stuck in a circle devoid of funds to drive IP and R&D operations, and hence starve without customers. Facilitating them both to fulfil their objectives of building competitive positions in the markets is Scintillation Research & Analytics Services. “Covering the complete lifecycle of the patent monetization process, we create business strategies to convert startups into emerging partners, and help them sign anchor partnerships with big leading market players,” affirms Bikramjit Singh, Managing Director, Scintillation. As the company enables investors to use the patentable product immediately with the patent protection granted by the giant company, now with an improved product & confidence, startups can approach investors.

Unlike other companies that operate from background and do nothing beyond client’s wishes, Scintillation stands in the front-end and explores diverse strategies to help clients monetize their investment either by selling the patent or by converting it into a product. Confident that the client
knows what is the best that could happen to his/her brand, the company initially brainstorms with client, extract those ideas and then formulates selling courses in-house. Scintillation gets into client’s shoes, understands their overall objectives and executes them shouldering their responsibilities. This dedication has endowed this 2010-founded company with a wide range of clients including Intellectual Ventures, Alcatel & Interdigital, not to mention the 3x growth it has achieved this year.

Scintillation stands in the front-end and explores diverse strategies to help clients monetize their investment either by selling the patent or by converting it into a product

Broadening a Patent’s Scope
Besides aiding people seeking independent patent support with its exclusive patent licensing service, Scintillation also offers non-exclusive licensing where one patent can be licensed out to many companies to generate more money out of it.With clear understanding of a patent’s revenue generation potential, Scintillation devises a detailed business plan that would empower patent holders to build a startup, diversify or launch another novel entity out of their company. Covering prior art search, market research and investor study, its IP research service helps the innovators to have clear cut idea of marketability of their inventions, potential market areas
to focus on, customers’ needs, active players, patent monetization strategies and IP buyers. Clear knowledge of these market parameters empowers innovators to properly utilize their inventions and squeeze out maximum benefits from them.

Moreover, its expertise in pinpointing the differentiating factor of its client’s invention not just gets the claim granted easily but also permits clients to sell the invention to the top influencers in the market hot.“We find useful patents for businesses, and design strategies to help them stay competitive, and increase sales &customer base,” remarks Bikramjit. The company performs detailed market research on innovators’ ideas and helps them obtain patents with marketable, broad claims and monetization strategies. Its exclusive market research team – comprised of MBA professionals with comprehensive experience in studying diverse market parameters & designing business strategies – broadens the scope of client’s patent claim by exploring the applicability of the invention in diverse markets.

The company successfully accomplishes an absolute patent validation & invalidation services that even covers the non-English countries like Japan & Korea. It intends to launch a service exclusively for schools, colleges, and R&D institutes to help them inculcate a culture of innovation utilizing Scintillation’s electronic IP curriculum that would involve IP awareness program and patent evaluation courses covering multi fronts such as buyers, sellers, VCs & others.