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  • 10 Most Promising Patent and Trademark Service Providers - 2017

    While there has always been ways to regulate infringement on intellectual property over the course of human history, not until late 20 th century did the concept acquire prominence and indispensability. Patents form an integral part of the modern methodology to prevent discoveries and inventions from being made, sold, or imported by others for a limited period of time, in exchange for the public disclosure of the finding or innovation. Trademark is an offshoot of the same concept which offers a symbolic way to denote and identify a product/service by its source. As patent filing and trademark registration mandates onerous procedures, a host of consultant companies have taken form to assist inventors and business persons in these areas. These enterprises from the patent services...

10 Most Promising Patent and Trademark Service Providers - 2017

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Devoip Research Devoip Research Rajneesh Kumar Singh, Director The company offers IP Development, Patent Licensing Support, Patent Analytics and Litigation Support with a range of services under each of them
Ediplis Counsels Ediplis Counsels Nishant Kewalramani, Founding partner Reliable law firm enriched with accomplished professionals addressing all IP challenges with pragmatic new-age solutions and great transparency
Global IP Services Global IP Services Prakash Nama, Founder & CEO Formed in 2003, services of Global IP include patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.
IPNeeti IPNeeti ShuchiAgarrwal, Managing Partner The company offers tailored intellectual property services to help clients reach their end-goals.
InvnTree Intellectual Property Services InvnTree Intellectual Property Services Kartik Puttaiah, Co-Founder With services such as patent specification drafting, patent application filing and maintenance, patent application prosecution, prior art serch and analysis and patent opposition, the company has strived to improve the patent consulting space in India
Orionis IP Orionis IP Saurabh Lal, Managing Partner The company offers full spectrum of expert iP solutions, across all technological domains and assists clients in identifying, protecting, enforcing and managing their intellectual assets
Prometheus Patent Services Prometheus Patent Services R. Venkat Reddy, Founder & CEO The company offers a wide range of services under patent analytics, patent prosecution, IP services
Sanshadow Sanshadow Sanjay Raizada, Director Incorporated in 2004, Sanshadow offers a whole range of quality IP services and aims to set bench marks in the sector.
Scintillation Research & Analytics Services Scintillation Research & Analytics Services Bikramjit Singh, Managimg Director Devising diverse patent monetization strategies from the front end to extract the maximum benefit out of an IP