Sayfix: Expert & Tailor Made Cleaning & Maintenance Services at Your Door Step

Nabin Roy,Founder & CEO

Nabin Roy

Founder & CEO

A normal day of today’s professional is akin to a to-do list. Ranging from professional responsibilities to household chores, one rarely finds the time to unwind. Times like these calls for a one-stop solution and Sayfix is that simple platform that effortlessly books cleaning and maintenance services for homes or business spaces and also ensures a standardized service for the clients that can also build up as a regular vocational opportunity for the service providers. One can hire experts for cleaning, handy man services, appliances maintenance, pest control and car care services through Sayfix app platform that allows users to select their requirements and save them from the ordeal of incessant follow ups. No wonder it is a consumer favourite and rated nine out of ten in reviews. “We are one of the leading players in the city, and believe in providing our customers with a seamless and a satisfying experience,” states Nabin Roy, Founder & CEO, Sayfix.

A One-Stop Solution
Since its flagship offering of water tank cleaning services is in direct correlation with the client’s health, Sayfix adopts a mechanized way that undertakes an eight step methodology and uses the latest jet cleaning and anti-bacterial equipments for a thorough cleaning. Customers can now breathe easy as Sayfix also offers a 360o house cleaning services, segregated into 3bhk, 2bhk and 1bhk packages that cover every nook and cranny of the house including cleaning the bedroom, upholstery, bathroom and many more. Moreover, its kitchen services spares the users from the cumbersome kitchen duties through its packages that include three deep cleaning procedures in less than six months, comprising of surface cleaning, unclogging the wash basin amongst several others.

Sayfix prefers to focus on refining the quality of work and carefully choosing its partners who share its vision of transparent services

All these services are offered in packages (of three to five months) that give the customers the flexibility to alter their options with respect to their requirements.

Unlike its contemporaries, Sayfix is adhering to the traditional slow and steady growth model. It prefers to focus on refining the quality of work and
carefully choosing its partners who share its vision of transparent services.

In turn, the partners and the handymen receive standardized profits for their work that maintains quality standard. The highly trained employees are well versed with customer relations and follow the work ethics, which is very crucial to earn customer respect. Moreover, workforce from tier-II cities are trained to complement the tier-I cities.“We conduct monthly trainings for in-house employees and have set up training camps for our service partners where they are trained on modules pertaining to mandatory requirements like hygiene, and customer relationship. We also ensure that every service partner at least attends one training session per quarter by entering into a mutual contract that is subject to termination in case the rules are flouted,” states Nabin.

Though Sayfix is an aggregating platform, the aim runs deeper than merely connecting the service providers with consumers. It aims on bringing about a dignity of labour and such extensive training and mentoring is step forward in achieving that goal. Having secured its position in Bangalore, Sayfix envisions refining its online and app platform and expanding its operations PAN India that will be fuelled by the angel funding the organization received recently. “We are also looking into automating our tank cleaning services and keeping an eye out for the methods that would help us achieve that goal,” concludes Nabin.