Rohit Sharma & Associates: Professional Property Valuation Services as per International Practices

Rohit Sharma,FounderA loaning agency always demands fair valuation of property to secure against the creation of bad debts. People seeking loan always desire the valuation on a higher side. This make the valuation an uphill task for a valuer who believes in best practices and high moral values. It is all the more difficult for a valuer who wants to raise the benchmark in whatever he does. Once a valuation firm earns a reputation for sticking to high professional standards and moral values, it gets easy for the firm to satisfy both - the agency and the client. Rather, it is a high skill perfected over the period of time reconciling the conflicting interests. This precisely sums up the journey of Rohit Sharma & Associates (RSA), a Bhopal-based valuation firm known for its commitment to professionalism with a sense of fair play and justice. It has been growing in the field of valuation by leaps and bounds since inception. Serving to its client's specific needs maintaining the norms of valuation - universal and specific to property & locality, RSA conducts valuation process by application of highest professional standards based on meticulous analysis of details of property and prepares a valuation report determining a fair market value under different conditions - present and future.
RSA consistently follows the national and international practices of valuation, which puts the company in top bracket in the sphere of valuation. The firm has the capability to provide a balanced act considering all the tangible and intangible factors determining valuation of property. It never compromises with quality, punctuality and accuracy. The firm is well known all over India for its high level of credibility and reliability among stake holders. RSA has deep & wide knowledge of topography & geography of areas & current market trends which results in true and correct valuation of properties over the years.

RSA consistently follows the national and international practices of valuation, which puts the company in top bracket in the sphere of valuation

RSA maintains consistence track record in punctuality and correctness of valuation report, and skillfully performs the valuation of immovable & movable properties for banks and non-banking financial institutions, insurance companies, state /central government, individuals, trade & industry and other entities. It also undertakes outstation valuation in associating with local consultants, offers expert opinion for genuine market value of properties for taxation purposes, and specific valuation solutions for sales /purchase, mortgage & value of immovable properties for registration & market related needs.
Depending on client’s requirements, RSA follows different valuation methods like land, building, development, capitalization, profit, rental, and composite rate methods, in consistence with all necessary regulations and compliances as prescribed by Institution of Valuers, Indian bank’s association, RERA and other statutory authorities and agencies. The firm continuously updates itself to adopt the latest technologies (software for implementing assignments) & trends by subscribing to international / national journals and share the knowledge via participation in various workshops, seminars, talk shows & debates. “We also plan to send valuation reports by e-mail verifying through DSC, initiate Index-based valuation categorizing under different heads of valuation and to take up inter-state valuation projects,” promises Rohit Sharma, Proprietor, RSA.

Further RSA also contributes to socio-economic development society in a big way enabling disbursement of national finance resources, as per priorities of government. RSA intends to diversify in allied fields like infrastructure development, value added service to town planning, real estate development & market intelligence, and to recruit qualified technical and executive staff. Due to impeccable and exact valuation of immovable properties which are mortgaged as collateral for loan, the firm has witnessed a revenue growth of 37 percent in FY 2016-17 and is doing its best to achieve higher and higher in the years to come.