Reddonatura: Supplier of Custom-Designed & High Quality OWCs with Post-Installation Support

Abhishek Gupta,MD & CEOWhen the five-day aviation show Aero India 2017 terminated, Bangalore-based Reddonatura played a crucial role in collecting, segregating and processing nearly 40 tons of waste (10 tons-wet waste & 30 tons-dry waste) into 1.5 tons of compostable matter. Orchestrating complete waste management on site at bigger events like Aero Show, Auto Expo and the on-going IPL matches portrays its commitment towards business and being agile with CSR related activities. Being one of the foremost players in integrated waste management space, this firm not just designs fully automatic converter machines in tune with client’s requirements but delivers them end-to-end services right from door-to-door collection, segregation & disposal of wastes up to installation & post-installation support of machines. “The ability to reclaim all the wastes at the site of collection rather than linking them to landfills, and fully automatic, durability and longevity features outclass our converter machines from similar others in the market,” expresses Abhishek Gupta, MD & CEO, Reddonatura.

We never miss a beat while incorporating safety, protection and robustness into every machine which casts light on our entrenched position in the waste management industry

Founded by Abhishek (an ardent environmentalist), Reddonatura lives
through the philosophy of Garbage to Green aiming to transform the world into a greener place for future generations. Breathing the essence of its brand name meaning ‘Giving back to nature’ since 2013, the firm has undertaken the installation of over 500 Organic Waste Convertors (OWCs) which include RN 25, RN 75, RN 125 & others (figures denote organic waste intake in kilograms/day) across India. Unlike others, it handpicks high-grade materials and further assembles them into user-friendly machines in tune with customer’s exact requirements by deploying custom designed IoT sensors and automation. The actual process of converting organic waste at Reddonatura begins with the dumping of organic waste into OWC, followed by the thermal bacterial process which accelerates the complete conversion of waste to compostable matter in just a span of 24 hours.

Stringent Safety & Quality
An ISO certified firm, Reddonatura is
the only company that follows a decentralized approach for the treatment of organic waste as per the MSW Waste Classification Guidelines, 2016 and is certified by many Government organizations. “We never miss a beat while incorporating safety, protection and robustness into every machine which casts light on our entrenched position in the waste management industry,” avers Abhishek. Ensuring to integrate certified products procured from a network of approved vendors, the firm also performs in-depth quality checks on each component, at each stage in the process. Once the product is out for delivery, it is completely tested with sample waste and further dispatched to the customers.

To ensure such proficiency, Reddonatura organize regular in-house training programs for its 40+ employee base, and ensures to keep them abreast of latest industry trends, updated about its products and streamline with customer associations & interactions besides conducting various awareness campaigns and promotion programs for the public. Pre-eminent for its high quality equipment and unconditional client support, the firm has accomplished the onerous task of providing post-installation support for supplied machines in over 70 Indian cities, which is commendable for a mere 5-year old company. Clearly growing its revenue in double digits, Reddonatura is envisioning to increase its footprint across the globe and adding more environment friendly products to give back to nature.