• Smart Enviro Systems: Succeeding Conventional Waste Management with a Decentralized Approach
  • 20 Most Promising Waste Management Companies- 2018

    The waste management is slowly ebbing its way into the minds and daily lives of common masses, helping them understand the repercussions of the piling waste that is slowly infiltrating into the homes of the people. However, mere awareness is not the sole solution. Waste management, like any operational analogy, requires an organized structure. However, with the Indian scenario taking the wrong route and mainly relying on the un-organized structure, the waste management industry is facing dire circumstances of unethical and questionable practices. Amidst these dark clouds of despair, a few organizations act as the silver lining, working towards brining to the public a more environmental friendly and ethical waste management techniques that not only helps an efficient management of waste...

20 Most Promising Waste Management Companies- 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
3R Management 3R Management Manish Pathak & Paras Arora, Co-Founder&MD &Co-Founder & CEO Leading decentralized and large scale waste management company proffering EcoSmart solutions to recycle waste & water, and preserve the world’s resources through a unique ‘Managed Service Model’
ComePost ComePost Ninad B Powar, Proprietor Efficient waste management company rendering unique and top-tier services and products with advanced technology and at affordable prices
Ecocredible Ecocredible Dhaval Jitkar, Director Premium waste management company specializing in ewaste recycling as well as solid waste and waste water treatment with an emphasis on 3R principle
FRD Group FRD Group A.L Davis, Marketing Director Noteworthy manufacturing firm focused on utilizing waste in a correct manner by rendering exceptional waste management services using sophisticated technique and manufacturing portable systems
GreenPencil GreenPencil Nakul Kumar Sardana, Founder & Director Engineering, design, & waste management consulting company focusing on urban infra development and industrial construction, in line with waste management and sanitation regulation
Hygienetech Hygienetech Anil P. Sanghvi, Director Dedicated feminine hygiene provider rendering an array of products and services to ensure improved hygiene security to female employees at workplaces
Kankyo Cleantech Kankyo Cleantech Dev Anand, Sriram & Balaji Gurusamy, CMD, VC &JMD & CEO A turnkey solutions provider with an array of indigenous and Japanese technologies in solid waste treatment , waste to energy, wastewater treatment, water treatment and bioremediation
KIS Group KIS Group K R Raghunath, Managing Director Global leader in providing Sustainable Clean Technology, KIS converts unproductive industrial and domestic waste into profitable and sustainable energy resources using novel technological solutions
Mailhem Ikos Environment Mailhem Ikos Environment Sameer Rege, CEO Customizing and integrating top-notch MSW treatment technologies to provide stringent turnkey services under waste management with reduced disposal costs & environmental impact.
NJS Engineers NJS Engineers Dr. Uday Kelkar, Vidyadhar Sontakke, Dr. YogeshGokhale & Sanjay Guleria, Directors Design and Engineering firm with world-class know how in water treatment, wastewater treatment and recycling, with service range from concept to commissioning & supervision of operation and maintenance with focus on practical, relevant and customizable wastewater treatment solutions
Paperworks Paperworks Hrishikesh Vora, CEO Dealing with all kinds and grades of waste paper, Paperworks facilitates the reuse and recycling of paper waste and its systematic distribution to appropriate users
Proton Enviro Solutions Proton Enviro Solutions Rahul Chhabra, Director Award winning waste management firm committed to environmental protection by providing professional and cutting-edge solutions for efficient integration of solid and liquid wastes
Quantum Green Quantum Green Vinayaka Kashyap, Partner Top-tier waste management company with pan-India presence proffering professional end-to-end solution for managing waste to energy and energy distribution
Recyclekaro Recyclekaro Rajesh Gupta, Founder & Director An end-to-end recycler of electrical and electronic waste and lead acid battery and work in compliance with every OHSAS regulatory bodies
Reddonatura Reddonatura Abhishek Gupta, MD & CEO Providing custom-designed OWCs to customers along with end-to-end services right from door-to-door collection, segregation & disposal of wastes up to installation & post-installation support of OWCs
S S B Infrastructure S S B Infrastructure Indrajit Simlai, Managing Director Notable company offering turnkey solution in municipal solid waste treatment, water treatment, and sewage treatment using state-of-the-art unique strategies based on electromagnetic wave heating phenomenon
Scraptap Scraptap Deepak Maurya, Founder & CEO Pioneering the Fast Moving Recycling Goods, Scraptap enables the end-to-end recycling of solid waste from people, communities, and industry through groundbreaking technology and services
The Shakti Plastic Industries The Shakti Plastic Industries Rahul Podaar, Director Recycling and reprocessing post-industrial and post-consumer plastic scrap to make granules and all grade plastic materials
TrashConWasteManagement TrashConWasteManagement Nivedha RM, CEO & Founder Enabling decentralized municipal solid waste segregation using a semi-automatic Municipal Solid Waste Segregator (MSW) for 4000 households