Smart Enviro Systems: Succeeding Conventional Waste Management with a Decentralized Approach

(L-R) Dinesh Ganeshwade, Sandeep Kanetkar & Deepak Kulkarni, Partner, Partner& Director & PartnerPost 2000’s Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) Rules being ended up on a blind alley, it took 14 years for our country to declare perpetual war on Solid Wastes. The launch of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA) in 2014, and stringent revision of MSW Rules in 2016 have finally mandated the requirement of in-house waste management facility for all the complexes generating more than 100 kg of waste per day and every new development with more than 20,000 sq.m. built area. According to a report, the waste management market in India is expected to be worth $13.62 billion by 2025, and this in turn widens the horizons for new innovations and initiatives in the sector.

Foresaw this opportunity to permeate the crater in the Indian solid waste management system even before the launch of SBA was a trio based out of Pune, who have seen this industry from its very beginning. While living in a country where only 28 percent of the 62 million tons of waste generated is processed & treated, it was nothing less than their lives’ mission for Deepak Kulkarni, Dinesh Ganeshwade and Sandeep Kanetkar to usher a paradigm shift in the way solid waste is treated. As their brain-baby and as a part of 47-year old Shrikrishna Group, Smart Enviro Systems - a research-driven decentralized organic-waste treatment solutions provider, came into existence in 2013.

Tailor-Made Solutions for India
Today, while being home to country’s best-selling solid waste treatment systems like Smart Xpress Composter & Smart Drum Composter, Smart Enviro’s anecdote divulges no secret recipe, but fathoming the distinctive features of Indian waste management culture, and adapting into it with cutting-edge innovations. “Though it’s mandatory to segregate wastes into dry & wet at source as per 2000’s MSW Rules, people dump all the garbage together. Since the foreign technologies are designed to treat a different culture, we entail waste treatment technologies tailor-made for our country. That’s exactly what we come up with,” asserts Deepak, Director & Partner, Smart Enviro Systems, who is driven by his three decades strong experience in Waste Management industry and has been awarded as one of the ‘50 Most Talented Green Leaders’ by World CSR.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with in-house Design, Engineering, and R&D center located at Kothrud, Pune, Smart Enviro boasts of persistent innovations and providing not just products, but solutions to the discrete waste management nightmares. For instance, typical wastes in many states include coconut, non-veg bones and vegetables as staple, which have to be shredded before depositing into the machine, and this in turn call for a separate shredder. While no other company provides an in-built shredder that can crush all the
organic wastes, Smart Enviro stands out amidst the flood of waste management companies by providing a specially designed Smart Shredder in the heart of its composting system, which is capable of crushing all the organic waste including a whole coconut. Well, this highly innovative approach has brought several awards into the company, including a couple of national awards.

A perfect outcome of this exceptional in-house milieu and employees’ advanced thought process has been the introduction of IoT into the sector

Excellence Delivered through Compact Systems
The way Smart Enviro customizes and upgrades (at least every six months) its solutions within the industry’s minimal scope is an even better story. “We take pride in being the only one provider in India who provides several types of decentralized composting systems depending on customer’s requirement. Indeed, we offer different solutions for urban, semi-urban and rural areas,” elucidates Dinesh, Partner, Smart Enviro Systems, who brings in around three decades of experience in the manufacturing industry. Amidst its prolonged portfolio, Smart Xpress Composter takes the throne, being one of the fastest selling compact plug & play solution designed in different variances to befit the needs of urban India, where requirement has jumped exponentially in the recent past.

Encompassing in-built shredding & churning technologies, aeration and curing system equipped with heating mechanism, it not only conducts an odorless process while treating quantities from 50 kg/day to 1000 kg/day, but also finds a permanent solution for labor deficiency (through in-built curing). It’s never surprising that Smart Express specifically has customers like Google, Oracle, Qualcomm, and Walmart alongside many pharma companies like Ajanta Pharma and prominent builders like L&T.

When it comes to semi-urban or rural area where electricity represents the problem, Smart Enviro aims Smart Drum Composter at the heart of this issue. It is developed on the principle of providing natural composting system in a single machine to considerably reduce the electricity consumption. The composting drum makes high-quality compost ready in merely 10-12 days by treating 250 kg/day to 2000 kg/day (through different variances). Having equipped itself with an entire gamut of such versatile solutions and built a dealer-network across PAN India & abroad (Middle East, South Asia and South-East Asia), Smart Enviro caters to multifarious sectors ranging from Commercial establishments to Residential complexes, Hospitality, ULBs, PSUs and Defense forces. The company thus far has accomplished more than 150 installations.

Even after being spread beyond the boundaries, the company’s persistent endeavors to widen its horizon and better treat the wastes have been impeccable. While its internal technologies excel in treating up to 50 ton of wastes per day, Smart Enviro banks on technology tie-up with U.S. based MOR Inc. to outstretch its capabilities to 300 ton/day by
pioneering covered Aerated Static Pile (ASP) composting in India. “The unprofessionally treated landfills producing toxic gases and obnoxious odor have become a norm in our country. Covered ASP, which is an extension of normal ASP treating mixed wastes, mitigates this issue significantly,” proclaims Sandeep, Partner, Smart Enviro Systems, who is computer engineer with over a decade of experience acquired from India & abroad.

An enclosed heap composting with membrane covered, pressure-aerated and oxygen-controlled decomposition technology suitable for nearly all the organic waste types, Covered ASP through its trials in Goa & Gujarat has proven to be extremely effective in reducing emissions & odor. It’s also suitable for all climate conditions. Sandeep adds, “Covered ASP is highly suitable for government projects and municipalities. We have already demonstrated this technology to Panaji Municipal Corporation, and now we look forward to Gujarat”.

Innovation has no Constant Destination
Smart Enviro keeps innovating, owing thanks to its 150 people strong workforce that has innovation in its DNA. The flat organizational structure and open family-like work culture alongside a well-built in-house training infrastructure significantly aids in providing its team with an ideal milieu to nurture its talent. A perfect outcome of this exceptional in-house milieu and employees’ advanced thought process has been the introduction of IoT into the sector. Having pioneered and already sold 300 IoT based waste management products in India, the company has set new benchmarks in the global industry. The automated feedback collection is a high bet to considerably enhance its products.

Apart from this, the moisture content in food waste, which is up to 90 percent, has been one of the major hurdles in the way of effective waste management in our country. Smart Enviro has also developed a dewatering technology that unzips a huge bag of benefits ranging from saving space & energy to having better quality of compost and increased life span of machines. The company today strives to infuse this technology with high-end moisture & temperature sensors, which will further smoothen the process. While concreting its position in the market as a premium solution provider possessing remedies for any kind of waste management by heavily focusing on its R&D, it’s this aggressive approach that helps the company grow 80-100 percent every year, despite the hiccups of demonetization and GST. Indeed, as the country is expected to produce about 165 million tons of waste annually by 2030, Smart Enviro’s aggressive approach will be a game changer.

Key Management:
Deepak Kulkarni, Director & Partner
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Dinesh Ganeshwade, Partner
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Sandeep Kanetkar, Partner
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