Quest Outbound: Enhancing Human Potential at the Workplace

Viveck Varma, Founder

Viveck Varma


Corporate life often draws people into a whirlpool of mindless action and a survival mode. And then there are moments of pause, when we question our purpose, our direction, our raison d’etre. Quest, aims to be that pause. Interventions by Quest aim to give teams and individuals an opportunity and environment to reflect, recalibrate and recharge.

Working from the basics, Quest relies on its 'humanology' belief, negating the conventional robotic outlook to unlock an insurmountable growth for its clients. It envisions beyond a simple activity engagement to enable a free flowing & simple learning with meaningful interventions, and onboards a fun bandwagon for an impressionable impact. Blending his HR and business marketing expertise of more than two decades, Viveck Varma, Founder of Quest Outbounds states, “We draw from universal laws that influence human behaviour, as well as the dynamics of a modern corporate culture and business environment, to better actualise the human potential visible in daily action and results. Quest was born out of a simple thought, to make a difference!”

Intrinsic Development
Quest interventions span across seniority levels, functions and gender to touch the core of human behavior and team dynamics. After years of experimenting with the outbound format, Quest can today claim to have cracked the code on how to create activities and an environment where participants can play and perform with trust and joy. High impact debrief sessions after
each activity allow the participants to express themselves and initiate their own journey of self discovery and excellence. Organisations benefit with teams who enjoy working together, pushing the limits of their potential, and leveraging their strengths to create synergy. It is such teams that give organisations the edge over others in the business environment. Rajeev Chugh, CFO at Aegon Life Insurance states,“Our regular team building offsites with Quest over the last 7 years has ensured much better synergy between our Actuarian and Finance teams, giving us an edge over other players in our industry.”

Working from the basics, Quest relies on its 'humanology' belief, negating the conventional robotic outlook to unlock an insurmountable growth for its clients

Quest activities incorporate aspects of emotional intelligence, creativity, shared visions, passionate leadership, trust, innovation, self expression, motivation, time consciousness, etc. which were earlier treated in classroom sessions with limited impact. Fun activities followed by inclusive debriefing sessions impart effortless learning to the participants.

“Our interventions use the concept & principle of design very intimately in howwe shape our activities and design the entire team building process,” explains Viveck. Interestingly, these programs are crafted keeping in mind the diverse and unpredicted human requirements, emphasising on the real time, responsive, semi structured and flexible interventions, instead of adopting the one-size-fits-all approach. Additionally,the Quest team also helps clients cherry pick locations ideal for the learning programs and relevant to their expectations, group size and budget, offering a one-stop-solution for their requirements and preferences.
It is therefore no wonder that several top notch organisations turn to Quest for aligning their workforce and creating a symbiotic relationship between the two parties. Be it a leading 5 star hotel looking to develop a vision statement or a German MNC seeking to smoothen its merger blues across two distinct cultures, Quest Outbounds undertakes an intrinsic research about the industry and the company to draft solutions, thereby bringing about long term change. “With professionalism at our core, the quality of our team and the processes that we follow, we drive people and people in turn drive performance,” asserts Viveck.

Lodged deep into the corporate ground, Quest, constantly innovates to further sharpen its ability to deliver cutting edge interventions, and is now ready to test new waters by crafting solutions for general public, customizing sessions that deal with specific demographic of groups like teenagers, singles, families, and senior citizens, amongst many others, influencing a greater population and acting as a catalyst in their journey of self discovery and growth. What was born out of a simple thought of making a difference, Quest is today taking on new challenges and excelling in enhancing human potential like no other. “We strive to inspire and motivate, reminding people of their dreams and thus acting as reinforcements in their action orientation,” concludes Viveck.

Key Management
Viveck Varma, Founder
With over two decades of experience in the business and HR industry, Vivkeck brings along his expertise in blending the corporate functionalities with human behaviour for a more dynamic team work.

Clients: Tata, Mahindra, Aditya Birla,SAP,Levi's, Cipla, KPMG, etc.

Offices: Mumbai (HQ), Delhi and Bangalore