PinnacleWorks: Redefining How Businesses Interact with their Users

Sarvagya Mishra,Co-Founder

Sarvagya Mishra


India’s business sector is not appropriately equipped to adopt new technologies to meet their business requirements. As a result, the technology involvement rate is at a very sluggish pace. The level at which technology should be adapted and integrated within the industries is lacking velocity and this needs to be upgraded in accordance with the advancements in technology. With a vision to revolutionize the IT Industry and keep it synchronized with the constantly evolving technological innovations and advancements, PinnacleWorks was set up in 2012 by two college mates Sarvagya Mishra and Ankit Ruia. While in the beginning years, the founders of PinnacleWorks were involved with the incubation of a couple of startups, however, the main focus of the company was established in the year 2017, when SuperBot was launched. Now, within a span of just two years, the company has witnessed a growth of 2.5X and is exponentially growing with the amendment of structured, digitized and automated processes, while also maintaining its focus upon products related to communication and automation.

PinnacleWorks offers services majorly across two areas, NLP Based Products SuperBot Text and SuperBot Telephony, and PinnacleVision. While SuperBot is a unified communication solution where different queries from multiple users on multiple platforms can be catered by one agent only concurrently while allowing the users to ask
anything rather than following a fixed set of Q&A format. On the other hand, SuperBot Telephony is an AI-based conversation platform to have Smart dialogues with Humans over Telephony Channels. It is capable of catering both incoming and outgoing calls while answering queries of multiple users in parallel, helping organizations save cost and time without missing even a single call from their users. PinnacleWorks’ PinnacleVison is a platform to analyze images and videos and derive meaningful insights by adding this image and video analysis to the user’s applications. Along with API Recognition and Identification of objects, people, text, scenes, and activities including any inappropriate content, PinnacleVison also provides highly accurate facial analysis and recognition of the provided images and videos. Apart from the above mentioned services, the firm also offers IT consultancy where the major focus resides on coming up with solutions to help organizations automate themselves while transforming digitally.

SuperBot Telephony is an AI-Based Unified Communication Platform which can have Smart-Dialogues with Humans over Telephony Channels

Addressing the alleviating challenges faced by the customer centric Indian market, Sarvagya Mishra, Co-Founder, PinnacleWorks says, “The two major pain-points our clients suffer from are scaling up their business for generating higher ROI and not meeting the expected revenue of their efforts and money which they have invested. “At PinnacleWorks, we have always emphasized on the nextgen technologies and therefore, we have always strive to make our clients understand that just digitization is not enough for getting the expected results but it’s the automation of things and process which needs to be taken care of as well.”

The products offered by PinnacleWorks like SuperBot are in high demand as they are scalable geographically as well as industry wise. This is also evident from the 100+ top-notch brands which the company has bagged as clients including IBS India, Indian Oil which can be termed as milestones accomplishments. Citing the future frameworks, Ankit Ruia, Co-Founder, PinnacleWorks states, “PinnacleWorks believes in the mantra of ‘Always Evolving’, and following the same, we are trying to take a leap from the recent buzz related to text bots and are going to Launch SuperBot telephony. We have already softlaunched it and in the coming few months, we are planning to launch it for the businesses, making SuperBot the Unified Communication Agent in its true sense. Post the success of the same, we have future expansion plans across the international market.”