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  • 10 Most Promising Chatbot Development Solutions Providers - 2019

    In an era where the customer is king, ignoring even the slightest of your client’s requirements can change the dynamics of your business. The need of the hour is not just to meet the customer demands but also to be connected with them when needed. Technology has developed to such an extinct that now people make use of software to find solutions to their perplexity. Companies are also seeking suitable solutions and software that cannot just interact with their clients, but if possible, they should also be able to offer solutions to customers’ problems. Capable of conducting conversations with the customers through auditory or textual methods, Chatbots are the solutions to meeting this requirement. We all have heard that bots are the future and chatbots are the future of...

10 Most Promising Chatbot Development Solutions Providers - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Cedex Technologies Cedex Technologies Kiran Krishnan, CEO A professional software development company focused on creating high-quality software solutions, Cedex Technologies is specialized in Chatbot Development, Voicebot Development, and Artificial Intelligence
Clavax Technologies Clavax Technologies Deepak Tomar, CEO Working with an exquisite collaboration of innovation-led ideas and technology-driven IT solutions to overcome the toughest business challenges of its clients
Dheeyantra Dheeyantra Sreekumar Jairaj & Vidhu Bennie Tholath, Founders This Bangalore-based chatbot startup uses AI and NLP to provide a multilingual conversation platform for businesses with an aim to help businesses reach out to Indian native-speaking community
IntelliTicks IntelliTicks Himanshu Gupta, Co-Founder Using the combined intelligence of AI and Human, Intelliticks creates proactive and personalized conversational experiences to convert visitors into more qualified leads
OneClick Technologies OneClick Technologies Gurbinder Sing Hira, CEO Founded in 2011, OneClick Technologies is successfully disrupting the stereotype customer experience through process automation and digital transformation.
PinnacleWorks PinnacleWorks Sarvagya Mishra, Co-Founder Dedicated to delivering new and best to the industry in terms of chatbots services and solutions which aim at meeting different business requirements, PinnacleWorks is revolutionizing the IT industry.
Pixel Crayons Pixel Crayons Parvesh Aggarwal, CEO Pixcel Crayons provides highly intelligent and sophisticated chatbot solutions that can be implemented into diverse domainsm such as e-Commerce, customer support, entertainment, delivery services or healthcare
Proxzar Proxzar Srikanth Thirumalasetti, Founder Specialized in AI, NLP, NLI, AIML, SIML, and Bot Development, Proxzar builds scalable, budget-friendly AI powered proxies such as virtual assistants, bots and enterprise search applications.
Smatbot Smatbot Santosh Thota, Founder With easy customization and sensible pricing, Smatbot is a Conversational bot building platform to create customizable chatbots for lead generation, live chat support, interactive landing pages, surveys, and enquiries
Supertext Supertext Avinash Hegde & Mathew J Padayatty, Founders A conversational bot building platform to create customizable chatbots for Lead generation, Live chat support, Interactive Landing Pages, Surveys, Enquiries, Appointments, Feedback and Suggestions for your business