Neelam Arch: Delivering Qualitative & Innovative Solutions for Punctilious Property Valuations

Satej K.Dharia, MD,ManishaS. Dharia & Abhijit V Kelkar, Directors

Satej K.Dharia, MD

ManishaS. Dharia & Abhijit V Kelkar, Directors

In a country like India which rears a bulk of citizens still untouched by the requisite knowledge of assets & commerce, the concept of property valuation may be greeted with some hesitancy because of the common myth that property valuation benefits the buyers or the loan-givers alone. Rectifying this erroneous belief is possible only through adopting more of such services, showcasing how both buyers and sellers are benefited, the former by knowing the actual value of a specific possession and the latter by comprehending and fixing the issues affecting the value of the possessions. However, a base for both is acquiring a diligently calculated worth for their property within the given time-frame covering all its nitty-gritty. This is when the Mumbai-based Neelam Arch comes to the picture parading its quarter-century of qualitative and innovative acumen in estimating the worth of a property and thereby delivering value to its clientele comprising of all major private sector banks, foreign banks, Government administrative & legal bodies, and NBFCs.

Unparalleled Valuation Expertise
Vishnu Kelkar, the original founder of Neelam Arch, laid the foundation in 1985 with a clear vision about valuation practice business in forthcoming years, which truly provides a
unique advantage over competition. Hence the catchphrase -'We serve, therefore we are'- mirrors the corporate DNA of Neelam Arch, which kick-started with automation of client requisition, gradually evolving to a leading valuator proffering services to varied tangible & intangible assets, securities, plants, machinery, and real estates. A repository of dimensional data of last three decades coupled with an experienced resource pool forms the secret recipe of the company. This enables it to serve punctilious valuation by mixing ingredients like consistent measures, unique techniques, and time-tested experiences.

A repository of dimensional data of last three decades coupled with an experienced resource pool forms the secret recipe of Neelam Arch

Boasting of its high-earned fame of having valued tens of millions of cases, Neelam is a thought leader of the valuation process delivery enriched with outstanding insights about property assessments (within Mumbai and outskirts). “Our well-structured transactional data retention and single click retrieval help us sketch a clear demarcation from other players in the market,” delights Satej K. Dharia, Managing Director, Neelam Arch. A keen worshiper of technology, Neelam’s implementation of hand-held devices to achieve a complete automation succors the firm in achieving the best turn-out time, cost contentment, and core valuation. Further, client-centricity, consistency in providing novel services, and through put efficiency with limited human resources shape
the nuts and bolts of the company.

Worthy Data Depository
Housing a central storehouse with abundant historical data, Neelam is always accurate and well-informed about the pricing trends and economic demand & supply empowering it to cater impeccable service across verticals like retail valuation (Housing Finance Services from banks and NBFCs), corporate valuation (construction funds, credits, insurance, due diligence, and taxation),and projects (assessment and viability for Greenfield projects). A unique judgmental view and quickest TAT are attributes taking the onus of maintaining a 90 percent repeat clientele with a consistent growth in volume. Laying a full-on force on technology as a force multiplier, the company is truly digital fully utilizing mobility, analytics, and cloud technologies.

Bestowed with Service Excellence Award from HDFC Bank, Neelam arch is ensconced on a solid foundation of dedicated personnel’s like Satej, Manisha S.Dharia(Director),and Abhijit V Kelkar (Director),who idealize strategic thinking and impeccable expertise for continuous improvement in qualitative aspects of valuation and response time for better delivery. Encompassing various principles of morality, knowledge, and communication, Neelam thrusts a multi-dimensional growth by inducing a family-like atmosphere where in all are given technical and personal improvements training and encouraged to attempt various certification and seminars. Winning 20 percent revenue growth YOY, Neelam upholds lowest employee turnover and is set to spread its wings across multiple segments of business practice and international operations in the upcoming years.