NAMO eWaste: An End-to-End Solution for a Responsible & Efficient e-Waste Disposal

Akshay Jain,FounderWhile India is welcoming large scale industries with open arms, it is also being subjected to the collateral damage of piling up E-waste. With the government tightening its grip around environmental degradation, many organisations are coming under the radar for high amount of E-waste generation and now have to uphold their Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Akshay Jain (Founder) observed the lack of a formalized e-Waste management sector and incepted NAMO eWaste that offers PRO (producer responsibility organization) services to help various companies comply with their EPR and adhere to government regulations to avoid any legal conflicts. Investing heavily on e-Waste management (comprising of extracting precious metals, segregation of hazardous & non-hazardous materials and others), NAMO caters to big names like TATA SKY, Godrej,Voltas,and Flipkart, under one platform.

A Detailed Methodology
In a nation like India where around
90 percent of the e-Waste industry is occupied by the informal sector, organisations struggle to acquire formal solutions, especially proper logistics for the e-Waste collection PAN India. NAMO with its expansive base offers a peace of mind to such clients with its up-to-date collection and reverse logistic mechanism for e-Waste. Customers can now schedule pick up through the online portal that is later collected by NAMO’s various collection partners or franchisees under the timeline of 72 hours. These materials are then sent to the facility at Faridabad that undergoes asset refurbishment.

Customers can now schedule pick up through the online portal that is later collected by NAMO’s various collection partners or franchisees under the timeline of 72 hours

In adherence to guidelines laid down by CPCB, instead of disposing the entire electronic device, workers at NAMO replace the old parts with the new functioning ones and sell the resultant quality checked product at 30 percent of the original product price. Automated technology like CRT cutting & toner recycling to name a few,simplifies this entire procedure. Akshay explains,“We feed the e-Waste
into the machines, which
segregates metallic elements from the hazardous non metallic elements that are removed from the reusable accessory”.B2C customers can review these products on the NAMO app and buy it for a lesser price.

While this e-Waste harbours potentially reusable goods, it also threatens the security of previous user’s data. By deploying Blancco certified methods, the relevant elements undergo data degaussing (eradicating complete information through heavy electromagnetic fields) and hard disk are shredded either onsite or offsite. Later, clients are offered with a certificate assuring the complete confidentiality and destruction of data.

Due to lack of awareness,the E-waste industry only has a miniscule percentage of participation. NAMO organizes awareness and collection drives in housing societies, institutes and many more where the customers can directly sell their E-waste at the company booth. This way, customers are informed about the hazards of informal recycling, how to identify e-Waste and be aware of the formalized procedure of its disposal. Akshay asserts,“Once people know they have a solution,of course they will be looking for a change”. Recipient of E-venture of the Year award by Franchisee India, NAMO is looking forward to securing an investment to fund the upcoming metal recovery plant and reach out to more than 20 states within two years and become a prominent facility in the country.