Lenkrad Translations: Subduing Language Barriers with Avant-Garde Translation Services

Priyadarsini Vijaysaravanan,Founder & Director

Priyadarsini Vijaysaravanan

Founder & Director

Translation, for some people, is just a rote administrative task with less emphasis on quality. However, it plays a critical role in any business. For instance, in Germany in 2006-2007, a translation error resulted in 47 failed knee replacement surgeries. It is therefore significant to employ native translators having an in-depth understanding of communication and the idiosyncrasies of language & culture to generate quality translations.

By bringing on-board native translators who have been born and raised in the target language and culture, Lenkrad Translations provides quality translation services and bridges the gap where nuances & cultural references occur. Unlike other translation service providers who work with translators having only skills, Lenkrad connects its customers with highly rated, and native translators from around the globe, who not only have absolute mastery of the target audience’s language, but also an intimate understanding of their culture. “To ensure utmost quality, the translations entrusted on us are performed only by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language and at the same time having domain knowledge,” says Priyadarsini Vijaysaravanan,
Founder & Director, Lenkrad Translations, who despite being an expert & experienced German translator & corporate trainer herself doesn’t translate text from English to German, rather only from German to English. “Translations are done only by native speakers of the target language and there is no compromise on this. This makes all the difference,” says Priyadarsini.

"Lenkrad lays great emphasis on the selection of translators, selecting only those possessing at least 200 hours of translation experience through rigorous screening"

Intuitive Intelligence
Employing its high touch business model, Lenkrad customizes each project by considering the complexity of the document and offers the sundry style of writing depending on the client’s requirement. For each type of industry such as healthcare, legal, information technology, and more, Lenkrad assigns the project to a subject matter expert having similar educational & professional backgrounds and many years of translation experience. For instance, while the legal translations are done by its panel of lawyers who have an in-depth understanding of government regulations, prevalent laws & judicial system, the gaming translation is done by proficient technical translators who are well versed with HTML, coding, and other technical skills. The story doesn’t end here. After translation, the translated text goes through editing & revising by an experienced native-speaking proofreader to ensure that the final translation has the best possible quality.

Lenkrad lays great emphasis on the selection of translators, selecting only those possessing at least 200 hours of translation experience through rigorous screening. With
the help of its 300+ translators spread globally, Lenkrad provides expert, precise and cost-effective translation services in 35+ international languages in multi industry domains mainly to product development and publishing companies. The company offers translation services for Website Localisations, Software & Apps, Legal Translations (including GDPR- related content), Marketing Collaterals & Business Documents, Medical Documents, Certificates, and more. Going the extra mile, Lenkrad also offers Voice-Over & Subtitling, Creative Editing & Copywriting, and B2B & B2C Copywriting following the style guide of AP, Chicago or Oxford.

Grippingly, in the age of technology, the company believes that machine translation can never match the quality of human translation and hires freelancers with atleast a decade of experience from all over the world to operate 24/7, and deliver professional grade translations. While still valuing the role of human translators, the company also embraces modern technology in the process. Lenkrad uses latest CAT tools like Trados Studio, Crowdin & Poedit (for software or gaming translations) to help customers save on translation cost & also in reducing turnaround-time.

Spiralling Startup
This newly born startup has translated 10 million words already, and delivered over 500 successful projects in the nick of time. The company is envisioning enhancing its workforce to scale the services. Carousing its one year of successful operation, Lenkrad is planning to give away coupons worth $50 to customers who want to explore their services for the first time.