Quadrate Multilingual Consultant: Bringing Back the Trust & Quality through Fully-Human Translation & Localization

 Bharathi Mohan, Founder & CEO

Bharathi Mohan, Founder & CEO

Even after a decade of feeding data into the prominent Natural Language Processing (NLP) platforms, most of them are still subjected to fallacies and in turn hilarious internet jokes. Even today, the Google translation of the English phrase, 'I feel like having a hot dog' in native language Malayalam will have you rolling on the floor laughing, as it comes-out as 'I feel like there is a hot canine'. But imagine the gravity of translations that involves sensitive business content. A few years back, the American auto giant Ford launched an ad campaign in Europe to highlight its build-quality that said, ‘Every car has a high-quality body’. However, when translated, the slogan read, ‘Every car has a high-quality corpse’ – far from the image they were hoping to invoke and it cost them business. If you take translation lightly, this could happen even today.

Since the outrage of translation tools has drastically cut-down the processing cost, customers today often fall prey to the price drop. They fail to fathom that the machine translation cannot convey the feeling conveyed by the original writer, not to mention the intricacies of making the translation fit into another culture. A Bangalore-based organization, Quadrate Multilingual Consultant has taken a diversion from this most walked path by bringing back the trust & quality through 100 percent human translation. With over 3000+ certified translators and 70+ people strong in-house team on-board, this translation and localization company offers comprehensive language conversion & translation, interpretation, voice-over, and content writing services in over 170+ languages. To further complement the benefits of the complete human factor, Quadrate for every language deploys a native speaker, who has studied the target language extensively, thanks to the abundance of certified translators to choose from.

Delivering Consistency & Quality
This epoch in truth is an interesting time to be in the language services industry. According to a global survey by Statista, the global language services industry is anticipated to hit almost $56.2 billion by 2021. With the demand swelling-up, the experience & know-how accumulated by Quadrate over the past decade, in addition to its quality assurance through complete humanoid processing, has played a pivotal role in attracting over 3000 clients over the years, including the 150+ organizations that it serves at the moment.

“We provide value for money and nothing short of 100 percent quality. We are driven by the vision of Quality, Agility, and On-Time
Delivery, and it is our strict SOP that helps us stay true to this vision. Owing to an uncompromising approach and the well-trained professionals who are guided by our strict SOP, we certify all our translations before delivering it to the customer,” asserts Bharathi Mohan, Founder & CEO, Quadrate Multilingual Consultant.

"We are driven by the vision of Quality, Agility, and On-Time Delivery, and it’s our strict SOP that helps us stay true to this vision"

Streamlined Process Enabling Certification
Remember certification is a huge responsibility that most of the service providers in this niche industry refrain from doing, accounting to the ‘machine’ factor involved in their process. But Quadrate (ISO Certified) has a well-devised step-by-step approach in place, involving great human efforts to be able to certify its translations before the final delivery. It starts right from the moment a project is signed. Once a project is signed, the company immediately recruits a professional expert from the respective industry to acquaint its in-house translators with the objectives of the project and train them accordingly in collaboration with its dedicated training unit. Bharathi elucidates, “Each project is a different requirement. For instance, if we are doing a project in the automotive segment in German, we recruit an expert from the automotive industry to work with our native German translators to engender an effective solution”.

But, there still remains a dire need to ensure that the quality is never nullified by the prolonged delivery time. Given this necessity, Quadrate splits larger projects into several parts and assigns those to hundreds of certified translators who work simultaneously. Such as, if the project involves a 1000-page translation that has to be delivered within two days, the large number of translators linked with the company allows it to split the workload among 100 different translators and complete the project well within two days. Although, this paradigm is an invitation to the differences in the way same sentences are translated (with regards to each individual translator). But Quadrate has made its headway through technology-tools that circumvent the inconsistency by rephrasing the repetition of sentences with the dialect of their first ever counterparts in the entire document before combining it into a single document.

While the aforementioned step sounds like a tech-touchdown, Quadrate infuses the process with an additional level of QC to make it further humanoid and foolproof. Akin to the way it splits the workload in larger projects, the company deploys another set of language experts to manually cross-verify each & every word in the combined document before it gets delivered, and thus confidently giving a certification of double verification. “Handing over a certificate of quality takes strictly following the SOP. Additionally, over the last 10 years, we have also built a large terminology bank that further aids in the process,”
adjoins Bharathi. The supreme level of precision has brought Quadrate projects from demanding segments like legal, financial, technical, engineering design, mobile app & website, medical, and e-Learning, among others. Moreover, its prestigious clientele includes, but not limited to, organizations like Polaris, Kobelco, Deloitte, Fourrts, and McKinsey & Company.

Moving Ahead Uncompromised
The quality however comes at a higher price-point. Bharathi has no hesitation in remarking that Quadrate is not a place for those organizations that look for inexpensive translation services. But Quadrate has its own ways of providing its clients with cost-benefits, which predominantly revolve around the repetition of words. “We don’t charge for the repeated words, and hence the customer often doesn’t have to pay for all the words in the document,” adds Bharathi. Having always been driven by customer delight and objectives of the project, the company in truth is now conducting researches pertaining to further reducing the cost.

Ever since its inception in 2009, Quadrate has never compromised its quality oriented and customer-centric approach, and it has paid-off generously, especially in the recent times. The company today is looking forward to becoming an Rs.25 crore firm by the end of this year. En route to the future, Quadrate strives to automate half of its in-house process, while the crux of its offering – 100 percent human translation with intact quality – will remain unmoved.

"Quadrate has its own ways of providing its clients with cost-benefits, which predominantly revolve around the repetition of words"

Key Management:
Bharathi Mohan, Founder & CEO
Bharathi is simply passionate about the art of communication. A graduate in French Literature, he has 12+ years of experience in the language industry with extreme proficiency in languages like French and German.

Quadrate in Spotlight:
•100 percent human translation
•Manifests Quality, Agility, and On-Time Delivery
•3000+ certified translators on-board
•Serving more than 1500+ customers
•10+ years in the industry
•All translations are certified before delivering it to the customer
•Translations in 170+ languages, including French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Mandarin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Turkish, and all Indian vernacular languages

Quick Facts:
Year of Establishment: 2009
Offices: Bangalore (Headquarter) & Chennai
•Voice Over
•Content Writing
•Desktop Publishing