LaundroKart: A Five Star Treatment for Your Clothes

Ravi Raghav,Co-Founder

Ravi Raghav


Local laundry providers do not tend to differentiate between different genres of clothing and usually take up common & harsh cleaning methods that eventually result in ruining the clothes to a point of no return. LaundroKart takes its customer’s wardrobe collection very seriously and offers a ‘5 Star treatment’ and acts as a one-stop solution for all their laundry woes. What started as on-demand laundry service based in Bangalore, LaundroKart swiftly upgraded from an online only model to a hybrid model with 10 stores across the city. A David, standing against the Goliaths of the industry, LaundroKart continues to thrive by relying on its highly customer oriented services as one would have varying laundry requirements ranging from daily wear, weekly wear/weekend wear, formal wear, casual wear to occasional wear. A venture co-founded by Ravi Raghav, Vineet Patil and Ashutosh Khadria, LaundroKart simplifies this cumbersome chore as it picks up laundry from client’s doorstep as per their convenience (free of charge), wash with expert care and deliver it ironed and packed, absolutely fresh.

Unparalleled Services
The company services are divided into KG Laundry that is suitable for daily service for home wear or gym wear, dry cleaning which is suitable for silk & office wear that requires special attention and its flagship offering, the Five Star Treatment that is specifically designed for occasional attires like wedding dresses and exclusive labels that are handled with ultra care and sensitivity. The user can schedule the pick up as per their convenience either through LaundroKart website or just a call. The delivery executives make a note of the number of clothes and collect them from the customer’s doorstep.

We are going to start deploying RFIDs (Radio FrequencyIdentification) to track all the garments entering our outlet. This will help reduce or completely eliminate garment loss

Cleaning is a serious business and the company’s experts carry it out in action by washing the clothes in state-of-the-art Dexter machines (regular machines, depending on requirement) with eco and fabric friendly soft cleaning agents that do not inflict any harm to the cloth. A complete package, LaundroKart (if required) also takes care of small services like starching, and buttoning at a nominal extra charge. “Eventually, we are going to start deploying RFIDs (Radio Frequency Identification) to track
all the garments entering our outlet. This will help reduce or completely eliminate garment loss,” states the trio.

Many Laundromats solely focus on providing efficient laundry without sparing a thought for the environment. LaundroKart takes apt measures to prevent water wastage. “We have fitted our machines with auto pumps to make sure that optimum amount of water and detergent is deployed, depending on the laundry load,” states Ravi. Apart from auto pumps, the organisation has also adopted rain water harvesting and is looking into investing in water treatment plants to make some of the water reusable for other water needs.

The co-founders believe that a sound procedure plays a more vital role than machines in an efficient cleaning, and hence LaundroKart’s supply chain is highly equipped to handle quality at all levels. Abiding by Prime Minister Modi’s Skill India initiative, the organization hires employees from all walks of life and provides them with necessary training while nurturing them to succeed as entrepreneur themselves. Though they have tied up with various aggreators like Apartmentadda, Apnacomplex and high-end companies (SAP, IDRS Labs, HAL, Multi Fonds and others) and apartments (Diamond District, Purva Riviera and more), the company still considers itself to be in beta mode and envisions expanding its base to more clients in future. “We are presently at 10 stores with revenue of Rs. 2 lakh per store. We are looking at 40 stores (within Bangalore) by the end of 2018 and 250 by 2020 (PAN India),” concludes the trio.