Lanasol Energy Solutions: Low Cost, Compact Parabola Structure for the Solar Thermal Industry

LanasolEnergy Solutions,  TeamSince the onset of the industrial revolution, making use of non renewable energy to power industries has been the norm. But as global energy crisis becomes a reality, the world has woken up to making use of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal, among others. Helping companies step ahead in adopting sustainable means of energy production is Lanasol Energy Solutions,a pioneer of low cost, compact parabola structure in the solar thermal industry. An essential component in the heat requirement industry, Lanasol’s Parabolic Trough Collectors(PTC), LES Garuda is customizable and tailor made based on the customer needs.

Competing directly against other renewable technologies in terms of costing, the firm renders high efficiency and low cost products. “Since we are empaneled in MNRE, we are eligible for subsidy upto 30 percent, which goes directly into the customer account,” explains Bharath Srivathsa, Founder & Managing Director, Lanasol. The first company to manufacture parabolas as a complete Make in
India concept, the firm refrains from importing PTC parts like most industries and only makes use of materials available in India, thus making it all the more economical.

Unlike other PTCs that are welded at the site, our PTC is made up of detachable parts that can be assembled using nuts and bolts

Easy to Setup PTC
Leveraging Bharath’s expertise, Lanasol has designed its PTC to be modular and scalable, which makes it easy to upgrade and transport. “Unlike other PTCs that are welded at the site, our PTC is madeup of detachable parts that can be assembled using nuts and bolts,” adds Bharath. It also consists of an aluminium reflective sheet which is durable and 100 percent recyclable, making the apparatus easy to clean and maintain.

Working as a true partner to its clients, the Lanasol team initially visits the site in order to understand the needs and pain points of the customer. Based on the collected data, the parabola is designed and shipped to the site. A quick assembly is carried out at site and the output is automated to different applications as per the needsof the customer. Aimed at helping companies reduce their fuel and operating costs while not disturbing their normal functionality, Lanasol renders retrofit systems to existing setups. The green crusaderhas also designed hybrid solutions in order
to help clients make use of other energy sources available in the industry such as waste heat, flue gas and biogas, among others.

Solar Thermal Energy Solutions
Founded in 2014, Lanasol has developed expertise in a host of solar thermal energy solutions that have radically altered the industry. Through its flagship solutions, thermic fluid heating, the firm providesa great alternative to electricity or furnace oil based burning. Serving temperatures of upto 250 degrees, Lanasol’s solution can be either direct thermic fluid heating or indirect thermic fluid heating through completely renewable solutions. Additionally, the firm specializes in high temperature hot water for CIP systems in the dairy industry and for dye mixing process in the textile industry.

Another area of expertise for Lanasol is providing hot air drying with temperatures upto 150 degree celcius. Used extensively in the food industry, the solution can be combined with any hybrid technology for post sunset hours. Also possessing expertise in steam production, Lanasol is capable of providing both direct and indirect steam even upto 10 bar pressure, which can be used directly for any process of heat application, reducing the fuel cost.

Having carried-out extensive research in solar thermal technology for over three years,Lanasol now has a successful installation which has been running for the past year and half. With commercialization of its products in full flow, the firm is working with prestigious clients such as KMF, TTK Healthcare, HUL and ITC, among others.