Nanospan: Impacting Billions with One Billionth of Material (Graphene)

Ravi Nuguru,  Founder & CEO

Ravi Nuguru

Founder & CEO

Graphene, touted to be the world’s thinnest, strongest and most conductive material, possesses the capability to revolutionize the field of energy storage/batteries, sensors and strengthening polymers, among others. Working towards unleashing the true potential of graphene and related materials to improve end user products is Nanospan, a graphene & nano composites R&D pioneer headquartered in Hyderabad & Silicon Valley U.S. This dynamic organization has been paving the way for R&D of consistent and reliable bulk production of graphene targeted for use in graphene based batteries& super capacitors forelectric vehicles, conductive materials for wearables, protective & smart fabrics, andballistic & blast proof armor materials for products such as battery cases, armor vests and radomes.

One of the few firms in the world to successfully develop and test their graphene composites in the commercially ready real world applications, Nanospan was founded by industry veterans Ravi Nuguru, Founder & CEO and Dr. Venkat Ramana, Co-Founder & CTO. Powered by Dr. Venkat’s vast experience in the graphene and nanocomposites domain, the firm is innovating world class graphene related materials, composites, allied materials and products in the energy storage and electronics domains.

Maintaining Consistent Quality
Graphene, while proven to be a
wonder material that led to a nobel prize in 2010, has not yet taken off globally in the commercial product space. This is mainly because of lack of consistent quality, reliable, repeatable, cost effective and environmental way of bulk production of Graphene. “Reliable bulk graphene fabrication involves a high level of complexity in the exfoliation processes and nano characterization, especially when usedin battery and wearables applications. Nanospan excels in all those areas,” explains Ravi. Over the past three years, Nanospan’s R&D team has been endeavoring to innovate and master the process for bulk production of such graphene. Having achieved a high level of success there, the firm has run successful trials and testing of end user applications using its own nano composite materials and graphene. Nanospan ensures the consistent quality and characterization data for the material for its bulk graphene, hence ensuring the promise of the nanocomposites which rely on it.

Reliable Bulk Graphene Fabrication Involves A High Level Of Complexity In The Exfoliation Processes And Nano Characterization, Especially When Used In Battery And Wearables Applications. Nanospan ExcelsIn All Those Areas

Graphene Applications from Nanospan
Founded in 2015, Nanospan’s key technical expertise is also with infusing graphene and other nano-additives into standard base-materials. This enables creation of nano composites that offer several orders of magnitude in performance & properties (such as energy storage, conductivity, sensing, hydrophobic,and bio
compatibility),and assures improvements in strength.

Nanospan has developed expertise in producing graphene based conductive inks and fabrics for wearables, protective & smart fabrics, flexible electronics products, and high performing super capacitors for EVs & wearables. The firm also manufactures ballistic armor grade nanocomposite materials for battery casings, RF radomes and lightweight bullet proof vests.

The tech maverick possesses a prime IP in energy storage with its advanced graphene & nano-silica based electrode material. Their electrodes drastically improve the current supercapacitors & Lithium Ion batteries’ performance in the areas of energy densities, power densities, charging time and cyclic stability. The firm is currently focused on enhancing EV supercapacitors and battery performance in several dimensions using its graphene and other advanced material innovations. Indian Oil corporation is one of their sponsors in this area.

With its proven expertise in the industry, Nanospan functions as the R&D partner for DRDO labs in India, assisting with innovating smart & protective fabric components for soldiers. The firm has also partnered with major graphene & graphene composite manufacturers and major research institutes in India, UK and U.S. Armed with a team of experienced nanomaterial scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs, Nanospan is working towards developing supercapacitors of different capacities along with lithium ion batteries for 2/3/4 wheeler EVs. The future-ready firm is also working on flame proof, bulletproof and blast proof 'Safe+' battery casings. With its currentfocus on Indian EV, electronics and defense sectors, Nanospan is marching towards expanding globally by 2020.