• Nanospan: Impacting Billions with One Billionth of Material (Graphene)
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    Nanospan: Impacting Billions with One Billionth of Material (Graphene)

    Graphene, touted to be the world’s thinnest, strongest and most conductive material, possesses the capability to revolutionize the field of energy storage/batteries, sensors and strengthening polymers, among others. Working towards unleashing the true potential of graphene and related materials to improve end user products is Nanospan, a graphene & nano composites R&D pioneer headquartered in Hyderabad & Silicon Valley U.S. This dynamic organization has been paving the way for R&D of consistent and reliable bulk production of graphene targeted for use in graphene-based batteries & supercapacitors for electric vehicles, conductive materials for wearables, protective & smart fabrics, and ballistic & blast proof armor materials for products such as battery-cases, armor vests and radomes....


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