K- Pack Systems: The Art of Indulging in an Environmental Purpose

Rutwik Shah,MDNo, the earth will never run out of water. But the challenge reposes in providing enough clean water against a rapidly growing population. While living in a country that accounts for only four percent of the world’s water resources despite hosting 17 percent of the world’s population, the water crisis is a looming danger we should be wary of. The Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB) estimates that by 2030, India’s water demand is expected to hit 1.5 trillion cubic meters.

The subcontinent in fact deserves more organizations such as K-Pack Systems – a leading manufacturer of waste-water treatment solutions, which comprehends the aforementioned threat and perceives what exactly the purpose of its existence is. Established by Mr. Vinay, K-Pack (ISO 9001:2008 certified) was born with a vision to provide people and companies with the quality of water they deserve at both domestic and industrial levels, and thus making a genuine impact in the day-to-day lives of millions of people in this country. Today, boasting 27 years of legacy, it penetrates into the country’s sophisticated water treatment challenges and offers tailor-made solutions driven by highly focused science & engineering innovations. K-Pack takes pride in its state-of-the-art R&D backboned by an ideal mix of young and experienced

Time to Give Back
As a 'solution' provider, K-Pack ensures that it exceeds customers’ requirements by taking total control of its equipment and manufacturing all items in-house at its state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Bangalore. Having joined hands with multiple companies in Holland, Israel, and Germany amidst others in addition to a robust domestic engineering base, the company further consolidates the quality assurance and sharpens its edge. Indeed, incorporating imported products within its equipment also helps staying on top of the team’s passion - delivering the best & latest in terms of technology. In the subcontinent, K-Pack is a pioneer in using pumps inside its equipment, which eradicates the need of a compressor altogether. “We are
remodeling fairly large current equipment to reduce footprint,” affirms Vivek.

Being highly determined in remaining abreast of the trends, K-Pack also manifests membrane-based sewage treatment solutions, importing globally trending Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration and Ultrafiltration membranes

Though it’s not just about technology, but about expressing the technology to good use. K-Pack excels in this right from leveraging the latest design software for creating detailed drawings & engineering projections to using bespoke CRM tools to ensure smooth delivery of its products & services, and even remotely monitoring & managing its systems. This culture has been crucial for the company to emerge as the market leaders of water treatment in Oil & Gas and Manufacturing industries.

The Comprehensive Solutions
Catering to multifarious industries including Textile, Refinery, Power, Chemicals, Dairy and Steel with great foresight of future, K-Pack over the years has developed a wide range of products and services, while its flagship products remains the primary waste-water treatment systems. To name a few, Dissolved Air Floatation(DAF)ystem, Oil-Water Separators, Plate Packs, and Clarifiers. It offers effluent treatment plants with minimal footprint and high degree of automation, wherein the company additionally leverages its international collaborations to convert organic-waste to energy – an undeniable proposition for food & beverages industry.

“Considering the current needs of industrial segment, we have customized our solutions to treat sewage of residential and commercial complexes as well. In addition, we manufacture high quality reverse osmosis plants,” adds Rutwik. Being highly determined in remaining abreast of the trends, K-Pack also manifests membrane-based sewage treatment solutions, importing globally trending Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration and Ultrafiltration membranes.

We are talking about a segment where post-sale services play a decisive role. Well, K-Pack not only bestows guarantee for all its products, but also keeps a backup
of all the required spares, not to mention the immediately responding model which keeps the customer in peace. Putting it in a nutshell, the company employs specialized site engineers to makes sure its there when it matters the most. Holding itself accountable from the inception to the delivery and beyond, it’s not surprising that K-Pack has worked with all the top-tier EPC/Water Consultants in India. It has completed over 3,500 installations with 500+ returning clients including some of the exemplary executions for VA Tech Wabag, Thermax, Ion Exchange, Metito, Equate and L&T.

Commitment Only Gets Bigger
Having created a perfect in-house milieu that enhances growth, K-Pack has been highly successful in engendering a pool of talents who align with the sole-vision and travels ahead of the tech-trends. Coupled with an expert team of business drivers including Suresh AB (Proposals & Processes Head), Raghu Kulkarni (Engineering Head), AN Prakash (Manufacturing Head), Kalyani Iyer (Finance Head), and Dipen (Head of New business ventures). “Our purpose is todrive quality engineering and manufacturing through innovation and aim at making our equipment world class, automated and easy to maintain for our clients. Thus contributing and giving back to our environment” adds Rutwik. K-Pack continues to build expertise in-house as an integrated manufacturer by oiling its R&D efforts, while augmenting Joint Ventures to increase its footprint across the globe by stepping into spaces like Anaerobic and Aerobic Bioreactor. “There are huge opportunities for the taking, especially in the areas like Ballast water treatment. In numerals, we aim at 30 percent growth per annum in India and 15 percent globally,” he concludes.

Key Management:
Vivek V Shah, Director
Vivek Shah has over 20 years of experience in marketing and leading projects across India, Middle East, and Far East. He has wide business interests including trading, chemicals and speciality chemicals

Rutwik Shah, Managing Director
Rutwik focuses on manufacturing new products, bringing in latest technologies, and expanding the market footprints.

Offices: Bangalore (headquarters), Mumbai, Ahmedabad & Vadodara

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• Sewage & Effluent Treatment Plants
• Membrane Products
• Reverse Osmosis
• Primary Treatment Solutions