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  • 20 Most Promising Water Treatment Service Providers - 2018

    Today, one in nine people lack access to safe water and access to safe water can turn several problems like unlocking education, work opportunities and improved health for women, children and family across the world to potential for the world. As per the reports, 844 million people are living without access to safe water and this clearly reveal that it is still one of the issues that needs to be taken care of. Water crisis is also a health crisis as access to safe water means opportunity for improved health and to fight diseases which are causing the trouble. Every 90 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease and the main villain is diarrhea, as it is the third leading cause of child death. Nowadays, water treatment services come in as the savior for the ongoing crisis and...

20 Most Promising Water Treatment Service Providers - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ahura Aqua Treat Ahura Aqua Treat A. K. Motashaw, Founder Offering end-to-end Water Treatment System & services for Industrial applications; From Purified Water - to - Recovery of Waste Water
Aquality Water Solutions Aquality Water Solutions Mohammed Naser Azeez, Director, B M Balakrishna, Director Deals with design, manufacture & supply of customized sewage and waste water treatment plants through its highly qualified and trained team
G.E.T. Water Solutions G.E.T. Water Solutions Cyril Gubbi, Director Providing complete Solutions for all Water and Waste Water treatment and recycle needs. Providing customers Solutions with high efficiency and low operation costs
GE Water GE Water Vishal Wanchoo, President & CEO Developing technologies that conserve, clean, and recycle water to make it reusable
Hindustan Dorr Oliver Limited Hindustan Dorr Oliver Limited S C Sekaran, Executive Director Engaged in providing engineering and turnkey solutions & technologies across diverse business verticals such as Environmental, Paper & Pulp, Hydrocarbon Sector, and more
Hitachi Plant Technologies   Hitachi Plant Technologies Tarun Kumar Goyal, General Manager With over 80 years of expertise in the field of water treatment, Hitachi uses modern techniques to create new new water regeneration possibilites
Innovative Aqua Systems Innovative Aqua Systems Balaraju Goud , Managing Director A leading brand in the area of water treatment plant solutions, providing complete range of water treatment spares and consumbles
Ion Exchange India  Ion Exchange India Rajesh Sharma, Vice Chairman & MD A provider of a wide range of environment solutions that include water treatment, liquid waste treatment & recycle, air pollution control, solid & hazardous waste management, and more
Jeedimetla Effluent Treatment Jeedimetla Effluent Treatment G K B Chowdary , Chairman Offers service to its customers for wastewater treatment by continous improvement in the treatment facilities at economical prices.
K  Pack Systems K Pack Systems Rutwik Shah, MD Leading manufacturer of water treatment solutions focused on performance and flexibility designed to yield clean water
Organica Water  Organica Water Akhil Barar, Director Providing products and services which enable customers all over the world to build and operate energy efficient water treatment plants to facilitate reuse and recycling of waste water
RRR Enviro Systems  RRR Enviro Systems Senthil Kumar, CEO & MD Offers a wide variety of options for purification of water from different sources using new modern techniques
SFC Environmental Technologies  SFC Environmental Technologies Sandeep Asolkar, Managing Director Using different modern methods like C-MEM, C-FLOC, C-FILT and C-RO, water treatment is done with highest degree of quality
Siemens Water       Siemens Water Sunil Mathur, CEO & MD Specializes in providing world-leading water treatment products, system and services for agricultural and industrial applications
Thermax Thermax M S Unnikrishnan, CEO & MD Providers of cost-effective raw water treatment solutions for reduction of suspended solids in surface water
Triveni Engineering & Industries Triveni Engineering & Industries Dhruv M Sawhney , Chairman & MD Offers widest range of raw water treatment systems, and till date has designed over 500 plants of varying capacities
UEM India UEM India Koichi Matsui, Chairperson & MD Specializes in the areas of surface, ground, and sea water desalination and other water treatment services
VA Tech Wabag GMBH VA Tech Wabag GMBH Rajiv Mittal, MD & Group CEO An organization which offers Water treatment, Industrial water treatment, sea water desalination, waste water treatment and sludge treatment services
Voltas Limited Voltas Limited Noel N Tata , Chairman Manufacturers of full range water, wastewater, and sewage water treatment equipments using techniques which are of top-notch standards
Wog Technologies Wog Technologies Amrita, Director A provider of a broad spectrum of services in the areas of waste water treatment plants & systems and effluent treatment plant at affordable prices