• Aguapuro: Turnkey Solutions Addressing Customer's Evolving Demands
  • Aguapuro: Turnkey Solutions Addressing Customer's Evolving Demands

    Thomas Alva Edison, the great American inventor, once said, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration.” Embodying this quote perfectly is the fairy tale like inspirational story of Jitendra C Rane, Founder & Director, Aguapuro Equipments Pvt. Ltd., which stands tall as a trusted name in the global market for delivering one-roof turnkey solutions in the field of water/waste water & beverage lines across industrial, residential & commercial segments. The company that is today barrelling way ahead in this field, with more than 2000 plants commissioned successfully throughout the globe over the past two decades, and is recognized by its quality statement, smallest lead time & 99 percent zero service call factor, had a very humble beginning.


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