IPNeeti: Knowledge Partners for Holistic IPR Services

ShuchiAgarrwal,Managing Partner


Managing Partner

The big thrust on entrepreneurship activities has drastically augmented IPR opportunities in the economy. Since over 80 percent of startups revolve around particular patentable invention and creating new brand, their need for IPRs is high and demands greater understanding as compared to companies with long standing. IP Neeti encompasses a strong team which has in-depth understanding of all IPR related laws, international conventions and their harmonious solutions. This has empowered IP Neeti to handle any kind of IPR service, be it patents, trademarks, copyrights or designs in traditional or unconventional manner. “Each member of our firm is equipped with a Master’s degree. While some members have PhDs in respective technology, a few have multi-jurisdictional exposure and are multi-lingual(German, Japanese and others), which gives us competitive edge in providing complete protection to client’s IPR internationally with in-depth understanding of the invention’s technicality,”remarks Shuchi Agarrwal, Managing Partner, IPNeeti.

IP Neeti is knowledge partner to varied kinds of clients ranging from corporates to start-ups and even universities. It has forged a stellar reputation as ‘all weather IP councils’ by standing with its clients through thick and thin. A
strong proponent of work ethics, the firm believes in building long-term associations with honest communication and not short-term gains. Being a listed patent facilitator under the Start-Up India campaign, this LLP has incorporated IPR awareness as one of its missions. They offer IPR training and awareness sessions for educating benefits of IPRs and also sessions for advance trainings like nuances of patents, monetisation of IPR to name a few.

The firm has achieved an astounding track record where in over 50 percent of its clients have already started monetizing their IPR through licensing, selling or commercializing the products/services

This dedication has resulted in appreciations from various corners including ‘Best Start-up Lending Hand Award’ by Thapar University. The firm has achieved an astounding track record where in over 50 percent of its clients have already started monetizing their IPR through licensing, selling or commercializing the products / services.

Customized Services
At the core of IP Neeti’s success lies in their capability to unearth unrecognized IP assets lying idly with client without their knowledge and efficiently tapping recognized IPRs. Besides rendering advisory and strategy services, asset management and IP monetization services, the firm performs an indomitable IP analysis tailored base don client’s end goals
to provide maximum benefits. “We do not offer standard IPR services, each service is customized to ensure that the IP created is not just a legal asset but turns into a financial instrument for our client,” explains Shuchi.

The members of firm frequently travel to client’s site and work together with them as an extension of their teams, which becomes extremely helpful in patent matters and creation of new brands. Further more, IP Neeti keeps its clients informed and updated at every stage on their respective IPRs and guides the next possible step.

Technology Driven Company
Besides from leveraging its in-house database and analytics tools, this tech-driven LLP cuts down manual work by keeping automated watch on necessary updates. The members of IP Neeti believe in knowledge sharing and upgrading their technical knowledge in the related field, which enables it to quantify values of inventions or stay abreast with current happenings and keep their reporting more aligned to the market scenario and strategize strong IPRs.

In addition to maintaining its whopping 200 percent revenue growth, IPNeeti wishes to expand its juris dictional presence in India and internationally and take on-board qualified U.S. IP attorneys / agents for its expansion. This Noida-head quartered company with a branch in Lucknow intends to launch another office in Mumbai soon. “I would like to thank our clients for believing in us and our team members for exceptional quality work and their dedication. We strive to work hard and believe the best will follow,” concludes Shuchi.