Hulladek: Helping You Recycle Your E-Waste Safely & Efficiently

Nandan Mall,FounderSustainability of resources is no more a luxury in this fast paced world where toxicity and resource depletion is rising at an alarming rate. E-Waste, though takes up only two percent of the entire trash generated in India, contributes to around 70 percent of the total toxicity. Comprising of highly hazardous materials like phosphorus and lead, its disposal requires a professional and a one-stop solution. Such prerequisites are scarce in our country, thanks to the dominance of the informal and illegal market of scrap dealers (a largest employer of child labour) that makes the entire procedure extremely hazardous to health and environment. Kolkata-based Hulladek is a comprehensive E-Waste management & handling organization that in compliance with the law offers services in recycling, safe & discreet logistics, destruction of sensitive data, CSR compliance and certification to organizations that offer them their E-Waste.

A Safe Disposal
In contrast to a popular belief, E-Waste is not necessarily broken, unusable materials. Much of it can be recycled and can sometimes recover a high amount of gold and
silver which otherwise goes into the dump. Catering to more than 150 companies,Hulladek’s young and dynamic team of professionals draws out hazardous substances (that are later stored safely leveraging simple home grown technology) from the E-Waste for efficient recycling that not only fulfils the client’s extended producer responsibility, but also provides immunity against legal actions. Nandan Mall, Founder, Hulladek adds,“We make sure that the material value is not getting lost and we are getting 99 percent recovery out of these electronic waste items”.This ISO certified organization carries out these processes while adhering to the guidelines stated by the Central Pollution Board.

Hulladek’s team of professionals draws out hazardous substances from the E-Waste for efficient recycling that not only fulfils the client’s extended producer responsibility, but also provides immunity against legal actions

Furthermore, clients harbouring sensitive information can be well assured of the safety of their data as Hulladek physically removes and destroys the hard drive just to be certain that the data shredding is 100 percent successful.In partnership with various logistic companies, the E-Waste management company’s PAN India service is coupled with punctuality, flexibility and most importantly,
discretion. Being an E-Waste management company, Hulladek has tie ups with several recyclers through which it helps clients receive the best end-to-end service across any niche at the best price. Apart from hand on services, the company also offers CSR solutions for organisations where clients can donate their waste and receive a book value that covers up the portion for their CSR budget.

Hulladek creates awareness among its clients and the general population regarding the benefits of an authorized E-Waste recycling by providing E-Waste collection bins that helps them be mindful of the amount of waste generated and has also set up various green centres in different parts of the city that observes an active participation by children and women. Additionally, in order to make E-Waste management more accessible to the general public, Hulladek will be launching a unique initiative of binding it with e-Commerce that offers various vouchers to contributors who leverage the authorized channel for E-Waste disposal.

With a regional office in Jamshedpur and Siliguri, Hulladek is serving a vast clientele comprising of Coca-Cola, Axis Bank and the Govt. of West Bengal amongst others. The in house culture relies on transparency and follows a strict ‘No-Know’ policy and a robust incentive program that helps employees achieve an undefined success, both personally and for the organization. Having achieved a three times revenue growth since last year, Hulladek is looking forward to a 2.5 times growth in upcoming fiscal year.