GreenWaves Environmental Solutions: Excelling in e-Waste Management through Continuous Innovations & Cutting-Edge Recycling Technology

Anil Chowdary, Managing Director

Anil Chowdary

Managing Director

Undeniably, the frequent development & innovations in electronic gadgets and electrical equipments have spurred the economic growth and enhanced people’s lives in countless ways. Yet it leaves the world with a toxic legacy, as these gadgets turn into e-Waste post optimum use and cause a negative impact on both the environmental and human health. Needless to say, being the lifeline for most businesses, cutting-down electronic equipment usage is an impossible task. Well, the mess becomes more mess, as most companies are skeptic about the disposal of their electronic equipment, which are home to massive amount of business-critical data.

Setting new benchmarks in maintaining the confidentiality of the business data and offering highly efficient e-Waste management services is GreenWaves Environmental Solutions - the first authorized (by Pollution Control Board, Andhra Pradesh) e-Waste collection and handling unit of Andhra Pradesh. Interestingly, besides a data destruction certificate, GreenWaves sends a video of storage device disposal to its customers. “We consider e-Waste not as a waste but as a multiple-resource. It’s a tool for
social transformation,” speaks Anil Chowdary, Managing Director, GreenWaves. Giving paramount importance to the trust factor, GreenWaves offers free services to its customers for the first 45 days.

Through continuous innovations and implementing cutting-edge recycling technologies, GreenWaves has created a niche for itself

Focused on collecting all types of recyclable e-Waste, GreenWaves has built an app called ReByte. The app within mere touches ensures safe & environment-friendly disposal of recyclable wastes collected from the user’s door-step, and also provides reverse-logistics. Additionally, clients are given a chart indexing the types of e-Waste and provided with assistance in custom clearance and filling of e-Waste’s annual returns.

Widening the Horizons
Through continuous innovations and implementing cutting-edge recycling technologies, GreenWaves has created a niche for itself. It engages in end-to-end operations – right from collecting electronic waste from various functional areas to storing, and dismantling. The company collects e-Waste from Corporate, Government, SMEs, Educational Institutions, Retailers, and Individuals among other sources. The dismantling process (including manual semi-manual & automatic) involves physical segregation of particles such as plastics, glass,
steel, non-ferrous materials, wires, gases & printed circuit boards, and hazardous e-Waste like tube lights, sodium vapors lamps, and cartridges. All along the process, safe handling of elements and safety of its employees are given the first priority.

On the other hand, by passing-on the knowledge to its clients and the general public, GreenWaves is tirelessly creating public awareness. It regularly conducts workshops & several programs (E-Drives), in addition to framing creative portraits poised to inspiring people to utilize e-Waste in innovative ways. Furthermore, to impart the knowledge on the importance of proper e-Waste disposal and its ill-effects of mismanagement to every individual, the company has installed e-Bins in selected areas of Visakhapatnam for disposal & recycling of small electrical & electronic items.

Going Beyond
Owing to such exquisite range of service offerings and delicate methodologies followed, GreenWaves has also won the National Awards for its excellence in e-Waste Recycling at Indian Industry Session (at 8th Regional 3R Forum in Asia and the Pacific). And yet another golden feather on its crown is the invitation it received from National Green Tribunal Conference to deliver a talk on e-Waste Management at Guwahati. Witnessing a consistent revenue growth annually, GreenWaves envisions expanding its footprint to Hyderabad and Kolkata in the near future. “We aim to be the first company to provide an indigenous solution for e-Waste management to every individual,” concludes Anil. GreenWaves is well on its way to make this part of the world a better place to live in.