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  • 20 Most Promising e-Waste Management Companies - 2018

    Being increasingly dependent on technology has led to electronic waste reaching incalculable heights, and there is a dire need of an effective management solution for controlling this kind of waste. Day-to-day, new and better electronic goods are invented and released, hence rendering older versions outdated and obsolete. In search of getting the latest devices, people get rid of the old equipment without any second thought. Several valuable materials like gold, palladium, and copper are present in these products which can be acquired through some rigorous mining/recycling processes. According to Environment Protection Agency, recycling done for one million cell phones resulted in 35,000 lbs. of copper, 772 lbs. of silver, 75 lbs. of gold and 33 lbs. of palladium. It’s high...

20 Most Promising e-Waste Management Companies - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Adatte E Waste Management Adatte E Waste Management Praveenkumar Sundararaju & Abhimanyu Ajay Mehra, Co-Founders A comprehensive e-Waste management organization that processes the entire hazardous printed circuit boards waste within and for India in an eco-friendly way
Attero Attero Nitin Gupta, Co-Founder India's only end-to-end e-Waste recycler and metal extraction company that has also developed a disruptive technology that sets-up low cost, low capacity eco friendly recycling recycling plants for processing e-Waste
BaoBab Clean Tech BaoBab Clean Tech Vinod Shenoy, Founder An e-Waste management venture providing solutions that maximize the value recovery for clients while providing environmentally responsible processes along with mangaing liability of the IT assets
Cerebra Integrated Technologies Cerebra Integrated Technologies V. Rangnathan, Managing Director Boasting of having one of the largest e-Waste facilities in India, the company offers repair, refurbishment and reuse of all electronic and electrical equipments
E Incarnation Recycling E Incarnation Recycling Gaurav Mardia, Founder & MD Uses the best available environmentally sound technologies to mitigate the hazardous effects of improper treatment and disposal of E-waste, ensuring protection and preservation of the environment
Ecobirdd Recycling Ecobirdd Recycling Syed Faraz Ulla, Management Head Promotes e-waste awareness among businesses and general public and conserves the nature with its tech-based e-waste recycling solutions
EcoReco EcoReco B.K.Soni, Chairman & MD Best-in-class scientific e-waste recycling facility in India that uses latest technologies from Europe, U.S., and Japan
ECS Environment ECS Environment Vijay Mandora, CEO Delivers intelligent, improved and personalized solutions which cover the entire life cycle of IT products through its IT solution centers, remote managed sevices and e-waste management
Exigo Recycling Exigo Recycling Preeti Tiwari, Manager - Communication & Sustainability Building a continuum between collection and disposal process of the e-Waste through its unique EPR (Green Underwriting Services) and rigorous data security solutions (mobile/portable shredding, witness and prototype destruction services)
ExtraCarbon ExtraCarbon Gaurav Joshi, Co-Founder Collects recyclable waste from homes & other commercial places andsends the material to respective recyclers
Green Recycling Green Recycling Achhey Lal Choudhary, CEO Provides eco-friendly, innovative and economic electronic waste recycling solutions to the organizations across
GreenWaves GreenWaves Anil Chowdary, Managing Director An e-Waste company that collects e-Waste items to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover them into products through continuous implementation and innovations in recycling technology
GS International GS International Gaurav Agarwa, E-waste consultant Provides quality e-Waste recycling programs to assist organizations in treating their e-waste in a safe manner
High Tech Recycling High Tech Recycling Sanjay Fegade, Business Manager Conducts a responsible in-house de-manufacturing service for non-reusable and/or non-resalable products in order to achieve the environmental obligations of zero landfill
Hulladek Hulladek Nandan Mall, Director Offers comprehensive E-Waste Management and handling services on a PAN India basis
Namo E Waste Management Namo E Waste Management Akshay Jain, Founder A pioneer in asset management and electronics recycling services to efficiently manage, dispose and recycle discarded electronic items
Pruthvi E Recycle Pruthvi E Recycle Jymin Patel, CEO Engages in recycling the Electonic-Waste CPU, Monitor, Keyboard,Mouse, UPS, and Power Chords in an organized manner using necessary technology & methodology
ViroGreen ViroGreen Muthu Ramalingam, Managing Director Offering a suite of services in e-waste management, including waste management in the field of electronic and electrical goods, plastics plus data security services
Z Enviro Industries Z Enviro Industries Mohammed Abdul Mujeeb Qadri, Director Being one of the oldest certified collector and dismantler, it places lot of emphasis on protecting the environment and encourages people to dispose their e-Waste through proper channel