Re-Teck: Reducing e-Waste & Enabling Circular Economy through Total Reverse Supply Chain Management Solution

Pankaj Tirmanwar,DirectorThe emerging e-Waste problem demands for a paradigm shift within the electronics industry to create radical and innovative solutions that work across all devices and allow for the recovery of all materials and re-use of embedded components as well. In other words, the pattern of gadget manufacturing, use, and disposal needs to become circular to ensure environment doesn’t turn into a landscape of toxic landfills, and this is exactly what Re-Teck (subsidiary of Li Tong Group) – a global reverse supply chain management (RSCM) firm does. Its engineers enable brands to design products that can be later disassembled and the components re-used in other devices; its reverse supply chain professionals find new markets for the components and raw materials, and its legal and program management teams ensure the highest levels of compliance, data security and brand/process integrity. Not only this, it is the first Indian e-Waste management firm that runs on solar power adhering to green & eco-friendly initiative of the country.

With over 1,200 employees (engineers from telecommunications, industrial and consumer electronics domains) at 20+ facilities and administration centres, the company becomes a one-stop RSCM solutions provider offering local consolidation & reverse logistics, liquidation &
remarketing, repackage & redeploy, onsite & offsite data sanitization, component harvesting, secure destruction & scraping, downstream management, post-consumer take back & trade-in program, online order management & real-time tracking, and compliance & consolidated management reporting services. The integration of these services enables the company to render total customized solutions meeting each one’s unique requirement, which not only reduces the burden of multiple industries (by roping with separate de-installation, logistics, and warehousing firms in various locations) but also formulate Re-Teck their first choice for e-Waste management, especially in the Telecom and Mobility Industry. “We’re enabling OEMs, Telecom Companies, retailers & e-retailers to operate in more environmental-friendly atmosphere with extra economically viable, code-compliant model while extracting value from resources,” avers Pankaj Tirmanwar, Director, Re-Teck India

Re-Teck focuses on 3R approaches and develops proprietary processes & technologies, and associates with renowned 3PL to serve the needs of leading global OEMs

Unique Approaches
Being a core engineering organization, Re-Teck focuses on 3R approaches and develops proprietary processes & technologies, and associates with renowned 3PL to serve the needs of leading global OEMs, thereby offering them seamless distribution methods for prompt & accurate
pickup & delivery and utmost care in intellectual property and data protection. To further boost its operation strategies, the venture upholds patented hardware and is strictly committed to international standards & certifications (ISO 9000, 14000, 18000 and R2), holding certification in quality, environment and information security. As a safety measure, Re-Teck not only runs entire in-house developed software ‘LEADER’ that supports majority device type and operating system including PCs, servers, hard disk, SSD and mobile devices) on its own private network to prevent the possibility of hacking from external network/internet but also ensures the complete destruction of the data after processing for non-functional devices. Its all proprietary mobile data sanitization software follows the US Department of Defense’s sanitizing standard and other international standards. “Our unblemished track record on IP protection, data security, and asset safe-guarding for our customers, make us Asia’s first NAID AAA holder,” adds Pankaj.

What makes Re-Teck stand out in the crowd is its endless effort to create awareness about e-Waste by conducting various training programs in school and colleges across the country. Enriched with such features, today company is one of the founder member of All India e-Waste Aassociation and provides local end-to-end solution world wide (AMER, EMEA and APAC). In the coming years, Re-Teck aims to expand its business with the megatrends and develop cutting edge solutions in order to better serve the customers by meeting their demanding needs of EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) obligation fulfillment along with customised solutions for individual customers.