G.E.T. Water Solutions: Engineering Complete Water Treatment & Recycle Solutions for a Cleaner & Greener Planet

Cyril Gubbi, Director

Cyril Gubbi


Wastewater runnels today are suffused with high levels of oil, grease, heavy metals, bacteria, virus, micro pollutants, BOD, COD, suspended solids and many tough effluents that are hard to be treated. While industries are battling to eliminate these effluents effectively, G.E.T. Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd. leverages its 18-year of experience in water & waste water treatment industry to personally discuss with each customer, analyze their problems pertaining to each effluent, execute a detailed analysis and accordingly engineer highly sustainable solutions.

Being the leading provider of complete treatment and recycle solutions for water issues, its in-house team handholds each customer right from concept, design, engineering, installation, commissioning, long-term operation & maintenance till after sales support of various treatment & recycle plants. “We are proud to have executed 2500+ installations in over 12 countries. We have been created state of the art and one of its kind Effluent Treatment Plants(ETP)with Zero-Liquid Discharge (ZLD)in various segments like Leather, Textiles, Metal,Electronic etc which is in
operation from last five years,” proclaims Cyril Gubbi, Director, G.E.T. Water Solutions.

Ensuring that its customers avail quick and efficient services, G.E.T. also executes planning, sourcing, project management, financial planning and accounting on the streaks of advanced methodologies

Abreast of Technologies & Processes
Initially catering to building segment like apartments, hospitals, hotels and industries, G.E.T. has sailed a long way and expanded into industries like textile, leather tanneries, cement and power as well as municipalities. To conquer the challenges of building plants that run efficiently with low operating costs, the firm stays conversant with the emerging technologies and processes on a daily basis in order to enhance their subtleties and also deploy them into its solutions. For example, it employs Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFS)tanks as an alternative to civil tank & silo systems due to its corrosion resitance, flexibility to re-model, safe & secure storage and other benefits. Moreover to capture the suspended solids & other harmful substances, G.E.T. utilizes the latest membrane technologies consuming low energy, high efficiency RO membranes with very high solid rejection capacity and disc filters with high cleaning reliability instead of standard sand filters.
For the services of waste & waste water treatment and recycle, G.E.T. makes the best use of unique solutions like Membrane filtration, electro coagulation, electro oxidation, desalination, demineralisation, ZLD, chlorination and many more. The firm’s other services entail DPR preparation, AMC, revamp & restoration services, lake & river restoration as well as consultancy through associations with major consultants in India. Ensuring that its customers avail quick and efficient services, it also executes planning, sourcing, project management, financial planning and accounting on the streaks of advanced methodologies.

Clean & Green Environment
With aspirations of sprucing up the society and environment into clean & green spaces, G.E.T. frames initiatives and recycles the water back after treating effluents & sewage from factories to save water up to 98 percent in each plant. In addition to this, all its plants conform to ISO procedures, norms like CPHEO, BIS and environmental regulations of the country & local bodies.

G.E.T. is relishing a steady revenue growth of 25-30 percent YOY and is in the pursuit of achieving a turnover of Rs.250 crore in the next five years through potential investments. In contrast to aims of just growing into a large company, the firm spares no efforts to transform the way waste water is treated and recycled in India and visualizes a greener & cleaner planet for the next generation with the involvement of everyone including the Government.