Drum Cafe: Igniting Team-spirit for improved Group Dynamics via Drumming Sessions

Aliya Hasal,CEOAll too often, employees embark on daily deadlines and short-term goals that seize their brain space so much that they cannot think beyond their next short-term goal. Amidst this toil if the call for conferences or meetings rings, the day certainly ends up with rocky moods. But! The moment you step in the hall, imagine luxuriating in a drumming music that breaks down all barriers, whether professional or personal, and fills you with a melody of unity, creativity and relaxation. This might sound utopian but Drum Cafe is transcending these corporate symposiums into collaborative gatherings. Inspired by the African tradition of communal drumming, the company proffers team building activities through drumming & boom-whacking (an instrument for non-musicians) that unifies the crowd in a single beat, thus making corporate outbound training fun-oriented.

Aliya Hasal,CEO,Drum Cafe,asserts, “Drumming is a great ice-breaker, and an effective way to get a diverse group of people communicating, listening to one another and working together as a team to create music. It evokes togetherness and leaves participants with a sense of belonging”. Making entertainment a mode of
learning, this company, since 1996, has been helping organizations enhance their personnel’s performance through experiential practices.

Drum Cafe's drum circle creates successful group dynamics by facilitating everyone to play the same bass rhythm and listen to one another

A Cafe Unifying Professionals
Drum Cafe’s drum circle creates successful group dynamics by facilitating everyone to play the same bass rhythm and listen to one another. Once the participants start clouting on the instruments, they reach the ALPHA state in no time, which enhances focus and creative 'out-of-the-box' thinking. They also learn the value of their own individual contribution within the context of the team. The analogy between the orchestra and the team provides great insight that helps in building non-competitive community (devoid of hierarchical,social, gender or language differences) communicating together to deliver harmonious, synergistic results. Drumming is therefore quintessential during long conferences - to revitalize and refocus participants between presentations or before speeches or awards.

Jovial Beat Ideal For All
Usually outbound training programs include field trip, adventure activities or treks,but Drum Cafe revamped the bustle into an art, the effect of which is positive, immediate and long-lasting. A club of outstanding administrative staff from around the globe organizes hassle-free easy event where
they step in with drums/boom whackers for everyone(from small groups to groups of thousands) and set up the arena as per the company’s convenience. All you need to provide is chairs for this inexpensive activity. Ideal for corporate sessions like team training, conference energizers, corporate parties and breakout events, Drum Cafe has also performed in entertainment events including full stage shows, product launches, company road shows and school workshops for merging the lines between spectators and performers.

(L-R)Vinodini Hasal, Dr. Vinod Hasal & Aliya Hasal

The company has beguiled keen interest of 500+ companies worldwide through interactive drumming sessions, exclusively focused on creating environment that transcends the spoken word. With a vision of making music as a moral law which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent, Drum Cafe is rhythmically marching towards success and drumming a new saga of employee training programs, which are more engaging, productive & collaborative. "Drumming requires no talent, aptitude or physical ability - just a sense of fun! Since we spend nine months of our lives six inches away from our mother’s beating heart, the beat of the drum is in all of us," concludes Aliya.