Axium Consulting Group: Offering Property Valuation Services backed by Data & Business Research Verticals

Harihar S.,Director

Harihar S.


Asset investment and transaction is by far one of the most tedious processes comprising of loopholes and crevices that can easily turn it into a bad financial decision. Engaging in property transactions, mergers and many other associated deals, it is important to understand the requirements of the involved parties and the reason behind such dealings. While many property valuation professionals tend to offer a mere report based on shallow investigations, Chennai based Axium Consulting Group opts to offer a customised, database oriented report furnished by an in-depth research on the stakeholders as well as the assets in consideration, eventually upgrading the assessment closer to reality. Harihar S, Director, Axium Consulting Group, asserts, “Rather than making assumptions under false pretence, we offer data laden and secure verification process ensuring the accurate valuation and evaluation of the asset”.

Backed by a workforce with more than 20 years of industrial experience, this young organisation understands the industrial diversity and offers detailed results on as-per
-requirement basis. “Often, clients are unaware of the litigation necessary for valuation and end up incurring huge financial losses,” states Harihar. To counter this, Axium engages in an interactive session with them, understanding the background of the property, and the nature of the requirement necessitating valuation, varying from merger & litigation support to disinvestment. These requirements define the methodology to be adopted for estimating the monetary terms, the worth of the asset in existing use or their contribution to the profitability of the business after considering the market situation or standard of maintenance, leading to formulation of the formal report.

Axium also lends its support to several banks in assessing value of the property that is being offered as a collateral and get the right information before they can process the loan

Complementing Diversity
Through such work ideation, Axium has helped an array of automobile & auto ancillary, chemicals & fertilizers, cement & construction, MNCs, and many other sectors estimate the right price for their machinery as well as their manufacturing plants
while ensuring low turnaround times and precision in the outcomes. In addition to the industrial sectors, Axium also lends its support to several banks in assessing value of the property that is being offered as a collateral and get the right information before they can process the loan. Harihar further explains, "In many situations, we have to consider the perspectives of our clients as well as the banks and produce an amicable conclusion that will adhere to the set guidelines and also help the customer in terms of the business valuation".

As it continues to offer valuation services with respect to the Indian Bankers Association(IBA) and International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) standards, it is also ebbing towards a more technical front, leveraging technology like cloud to streamline its verification process and store its data in a more secure manner. The team hopes to do away with manual documentation, thereby reducing paper usage and automating the services more effectively. A well know name in its home town, Axium is currently eyeing expanding its presence in southern India and eventually the entire nation. “We are working towards building our network of partners who can help us with verification and valuation in cities and towns not under our radar. We also envision building an online presence that will help us offer PAN India service easily,” concludes Harihar.