Aquality Water Solutions: Framing Innovative & Sustainable Solutions Primarily for Local Communities

Mohammed Naser Azeez, Director,B M Balakrishna, Director

Mohammed Naser Azeez, Director

B M Balakrishna, Director

The local communities & regions of India such as the MurugaTholuvuHarijan Colony in Chennimalai Union, Rampur village of Chitrakoot, Nazareth area in Thoothukudi and many more, are inundated with looming water woes. When viewed from a global perspective, there is a grave need to address these water crises at community level firstly in order to achieve growth at a greater scale. Presenting itself as innovative enterprise in water treatment, Aquality Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd.(AWSPL) is endeavouring to devise sustainable solutions primarily for communities through an integrated approach coupled with ongoing innovations. To illustrate, AWSPL is proud to have reconditioned the reject water up to 100 percent at a residential gated community into premium purified water for consumption and also utilized reject water for non-consumption with a custom designed recovery & distribution system.

To combat challenges akin to lack of quality drinking water, increasing salinity in ground water supplies, less reliable water sources for industries and surge in public health crises, AWSPL takes strategic choices at each step in the process
of creating value in water management rather than pursuing a profit-oriented business. “Thinking out of the box, we prioritize cooperation over competition, sustainability over profitability, livelihood over employment, solution over sales and value creation over marketing for reaching our long-term goals,” professes Mohammed Naser Azeez, Director, AWSPL.

Thinking out of the box, we prioritize cooperation over competition, sustainability over profitability, livelihood over employment, solution over sales and value creation over marketing for reaching our long-term goals

Systems Maintenance
For efficient performance of Water Treatment Plants(WTP) post installation, AWSPL regularly maintains them via integrated services that entail up-gradation & retrofitting, spare parts, consumables & analytical lab services, preventive maintenance, breakdown repair, plant optimization and many others. The firm also provides AMC services on-call service, system audit & optimization, overhaul & cleaning, descaling & bio fouling removal in WTPs and a lot more. “Our AED approach of Analyzing the requirement, Evaluating the constraints and Developing the most viable solution, curbs the issues pertaining to energy consumption, operation & maintenance, foot print and manpower resources of clients in
no time,”asserts B M Balakrishna, Director, AWSPL. Adhering to Indian BIS standards, AWSPL further optimizes water treatment to reduce spend, increase efficiency, save energy, prevent water borne diseases and safeguard vital equipment.

ERP Enabled Service Delivery
Holding together all its services, AWSPL’s ERP enabled system ensures state-of-the-art management of field services, customized client reporting, centralized GPS based monitoring & single point communication of services, automated feedback & follow-ups, intelligent spares & consumable management in AMCs and adaptive platform for preventive maintenance activities. To further pursue zero error management of these operations, the firm is striving to implement a comprehensive IT integration for entire procurement, sales, services and AMC deliveries by deploying the latest technologies and its adept staff.

While developing rain water storage and reuse systems that can fulfil up to 60 percent of consumption needs annually in commercial & residential dwellings, AWSPL has fabricated retrofit systems with storage & filtration to reduce reliance on ground water extraction and utility supplied water. The firm was recognised and honoured for developing India’s first Portable Solar Powered Water Purifier for usage in emergency and relief areas. Relishing an average revenue growth of 150 percent YOY since inception in 2013, AWSPL aspires to carve its future roadmap towards innovations using renewable energy for water treatment, air filtration systems and green energy technology.