Ahura Aqua Treat: Leveraging Industrial Experience & Advanced Technology to Offer Quality Water Treatment Services

A. K. Motashaw,FounderWith more than half of the Indian water treatment market dominated by unorganized players, the sector is available in mere quantity and not quality. This makes easy facilitation to the growing demands of water treatment facilities an arduous and expensive task, eventually forcing the clients to settle for the lower grade, to avert incurring high costs. Carving a rather distinct niche for itself in this cluttered market, is Mumbai based Ahura Aqua Treat. The company, harbours an experience of 25 years and helps large scale industries & corporations by offering tailor made water treatment solutions, to suit their requirements with finesse and expertise. “Our leading professional team works on varied applications, to focus on facilitating the right product rather than churning profits,” asserts A.K Motashaw, Founder, Ahura Aqua Treat.

Purity in Treatment
Ahura’s water treatment services caters to wide range of industries seeking quality water solutions like - UF, NF, RO, FO, EDI, DM, Softening and many others, that are usually shorthanded by other industrial contemporaries. It has modulated high-end Purified Water and WFI (Water for Injection) systems for
many pharmaceutical organisationsto achieve precise & uninterrupted production and get certified from international bodies without any hassle. Similarly, the organisation provides huge Filters& Softeners for the Textile sector. It also specialises in recovery of waste water-right from designing to installation and commissioning, staying true to its promise of customised services.

Ahura’s water treatment services caters to wide range of industries seeking quality water solutions that are usually shorthanded by other industrial contemporaries

Ahura offers complete systems to recover waste water after ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant)/STP(Sewage Treatment Plant). These major products are easy to install, operate and modify, guaranteeing reliability, durability and reduced water wastage with low maintenance cost. “Though we offer automated and all round operations to our clients, we also make them self sufficient by educating and training them with respect to the products’ applications,” adds A.K Motashaw.

These treatment plants are facilitated by a combination of Pre-Treatment, Ion-Exchange, UF, nano-filtration and RO (reverse osmosis) systems, that remove microscopic contaminants and certain salts that can hamper the
performance of the systems, especially for recovery of waste water. Moreover, Ahura’s self-cleaning filters are an upgrade over the conventional ones, with lesser foot-print, back-wash waste, low cost, and no manual operations. The exterior security parameters are taken care of by deploying high grade steel like SS 316L/316/304 grades and adherence to WHO guidelines. Further reinforcing its treatment process, Ahura is currently working on incorporating Micro-Filters (for very high TSS & Turbid waters) and Forward Osmosis methodology into its treatment services.

Technical Reinforcement
At Ahura, technical designing reigns supreme over commercial or any other aspect. It is no wonder that some of the most renowned organizations like Hindustan Lever, United Breweries, Galva Deco-parts, Medilux Pharma, Wockhardt, Sun Pharma, and many others turn to Ahura for water treatment services. Their recovery systems have given clients up to 88% recovery of waste water and averting the high cost and herculean task involved in the otherwise disposal, which is Great contribution to Environment. Experiencing a rapid pace, the Ahura team has set its sights on achieving a growth spurt of 25 percent per annum for the next 2-3 years. “Currently, we are working on enhancing our internal operations - focusing on HR, branding, training programs, staff motivation, customer relations and the marketing team - directing the company towards the targeted growth, through our set of honest and ethical practices,” concludes A. K.Motashaw.