Acuraglobe: Certified & Attested Marketer of Trailblazing World-Class Nutraceuticals

Vandana Rai ,Managing Director Dr. S.K.Rai, Director

Vandana Rai, Managing Director

Growing at a CAGR of 20 percent, the Indian nutraceuticals market is expected to touch the $18 billion bar by 2025. One of the largest suppliers of herbal extracts & raw material for the dietary supplement to the world, India has seen a swift escalation in health consciousness, e-Commerce, and population with high disposable income. Dominated by vitamins & mineral supplements (40 percent), the Indian market has witnessed the popularity of herbal (30 percent), and protein (25 percent) supplements in recent years. Fuelled by these factors, the demand for supplements is all set to further upsurge in future.

Dr. S.K.Rai, Director

With the singular vision of being a global leader in providing superior & trusted novel supportive nutrition, the Gurugram-based nutraceuticals firm – Acuraglobe leverages business model based unique dietary supplements to cater the needs of prescription market.

A one-stop-solution for all protein related products, the firm has been coming forth with products to counter diseases & health conditions like diabetes, gut health, slimming, daily nutrition, post-operative recovery, cancer, burn, HIV, AIDS, and dialysis.
Products Prepared with Pure & Quality Ingredients
Safe, high quality, and innovative, Acuraglobe’s product portfolio encompasses the nutritional requisites across all age groups. Utilizing only pure & clean ingredients, and using its expert knowledge & capabilities, it has been curating products namely, G-cell, Fiber-S, Whey-P, Lean Shake, A-Sure Gold, Pediabliss Gold, Diababliss, Morcare-P, Morcare-P Women, and Acura Noni. Available in comfortable sizes of 200–500 grams, these powders & liquid cost between Rs.220 – Rs.4499.

Free from all preservatives, the firm dispenses enhanced services, relationships and healthy environment with excellent nutritional supplements. Introduced for the first time in India, G-CELL is ‘Bovin Milk Albumin Oral Supplement’ in powder form. This brand is getting great response and acceptability by the doctors for their patients in the conditions where the requirement of albumin is high.

Acuraglobe, with exclusive contracts with ISO and GMP certified manufacturers, is getting its products manufactured by them. The company hold membership of various import-export organisations and chamber of commerce. Marketing & distributing its products both in the domestic & international markets, it has forged strong bonds with distribution/logistics partners. Continuously participating in day-to-day sales operations, Acuraglobe shares profits with them in terms of trade margins.

Safe, high quality, and innovative, Acuraglobe’s product portfolio encompasses the nutritional requisites across all age groups

Customer-Centric & Creative Company
A customer-centric organization, Acuraglobe organizes nutritional camps for social awareness about nutrition. Besides this, it does its best to convince doctors to prescribe supplements by highlighting its utility in different medical conditions. From research papers, LBLs, newsletters, and posters, the company even details the latest researches about nutrition in different medical conditions to persuade them of its viewpoint.

Certified with the latest quality certifications in the industry, Acuraglobe leverages ultra-modern manufacturing facilities (associated) to produce best-in-class international products. A proficient & practised team possessing two decades of extensive experience keeps coming-up with creative ideas to further enhance the effectiveness of its science based marketable products. Its technical team in fact is working on new products like advanced whey formula (powder form), dietary fiber mix (mix of soluble & insoluble fiber), Immunity Booster, vitamin B-complex tablets, mineral tablets, multi vitamin tablet, and B12-D3 combination tablets.

With revenues over Rs.5 crore, the firm looks forward to register & market its products across markets like CIS, Middle East, and African countries through trusted channel partners in the next two years.